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Makeshift pipe screen materials?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tgrape18, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey Grasscity, I'm kind of new here. However, from what I've seen this is the most relaxed and easy going forum on the internet, so I don't feel nervous asking such a noobish question.

    So I have a pretty decent metal pipe. Gives me good hits, works well. However, my local headshop is 19+ (I'm 18) so I can't buy any screens. So I try to use homemade screens. I usually use tin foil, but I've heard it can have links to alzheimers if you use it too much. I tried to use a bit I cut from my window screen, but the gaps were too big. I tried buying some sink faucet screens, but the coating burned and produced some very non-safe stuff. So, does anybody have any ideas? I'm going to buy some screens off the grasscity shop, but I need to wait a couple weeks until my next paycheck to buy a pre-paid credit card for that. So in the meantime, what can I use that will work as a good screen? Tin foil is my current best bet, but I don't like the potential long term effects.
  2. Washing machine hoses come with washer/screens. They are already cone shaped and made of stainless steel. You will need to cut away the rubber washer, and maybe burn the screen before use, but it should be fine. And there is always eBay...
  3. just use your bud. You should just be able to just take a small piece of bud and drop it over the hole then put your broken up stuff around it. This works fine with most bowls but if you are using metal or wood I prefer a screen if it's available.

  4. Can't risk damaging the house washing machine.

    And to the person who suggested just using bud, I don't want to do that. I want to smoke good, busted weed, not using a full bud.
  5. you don't use a whole bud you just use a piece lager than the diameter of the whole. I doubt your local shop is going to card you just walk in and tell them you need screens. Unless you are like a 14 year old girl I doubt you'd have any issues.
  6. Hmm, good point about the carding thing.
  7. Here are 2 solutions that I've used successfully.

    The first is the screen on the outside of ipod earbuds. If you've ever had an ipod, chances are that you have a broken pair of ipod earbuds. To get the screen out, take a hammer or pliers and break the earbud. The screen will come out easily. After you get it out, burn it with a lighter to melt off the thin plastic coating that's on one side of it. It isn't worth doing if the earbuds work but if they are broken, you have nothing to lose.

    The second way more resembles a glass screen, except it isn't glass. Go outside and find a small, irregularly shaped pebble that is slightly bigger than the hole in the bottom of the bowl. Clean it off and put it on top of the hole then load your bud.

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