Makeshift dry box/room?

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  1. One of my girls will be cut a week earlier than the others, so I won't be able to use my tent to dry her in, lights still being on. I've seen some makeshift cardboard boxes that people use for drying but it seems a little iffy to me, cardboard can retain moisture. Would it be chill or is there a better cheap alternative other than buying another tent? Side note I don't have a dark dry room to just hang them in, I have to make a space. Any help or ideas would be great.
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    Not sure if this message is too late or not, but I would just run up a few lines and hang blankets to section off a corner of the room for the plants to dry. Make sure you keep it as dark as possible. I agree with you that the cardboard might retain too much moisture and possibly cause issues. Its better to have them in a open space where there is some airflow. Hope that helps.
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  3. Good idea, I hadn't thought about doing that and its easily doable. Still have a week or two to prepare. This is probably a stupid question, but is there certain laundry detergents or chemicals I should avoid while washing the blankets that I will be using? Anyway thanks for the help, your profile pic is dope btw.
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  4. Haha thanks. No it's not a dumb question. I don't think you will have to worry about the blanket detergent or anything like that effecting your drying buds, but just to be cautious you could wash them with less detergent or use a different detergent if you feel the one you have now gives off too much of a soapy/detergent smell after washed. Don't let the any of the colas touch the blankets of course and I think you should be fine.
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  5. Will do, thanks again
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