Makeshift dabbing tools?

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    Okay so its Halloween tomorrow and i'm getting some dabs. the only problem? I don't have a rig or nail system and lets just say there's no way i can get one. Could someone please post a link or step by step instructions on how to make a rig or other concentrate smoking tool with common household items? I have a bong, a bubbler and 4 glass pipes as well as some homemade clay pipes.

  2. @CA 215 PATIENT I'm willing to bed youd waste a lot of smoke knifing dabs D: but I have another q. my bowl on my bong is metal... if i found a makeshift dome would that work?

     I'm willing to bed youd waste a lot of smoke knifing dabs D: but I have another q. my bowl on my bong is metal... if i found a makeshift dome would that work?
  3. you wouldn't be wasting anything.. you heat up a knife, get your mouth piece ready, remove knife with one hand,
    and with the other hand holding the dab on its utensil, slowly touch the torched knife and get a good, close rip!
  4. Lol damn, this sounds pathetic as fuck. The strug...
  5. Top a bowl of flower or go buy a nail for your current bong if you are over yhe age of 18
  6. I'm getting wax today but don't have a rig yet so I'm waiting. I'll pick up a rig either today once I'm off or tomorrow. I have bud for the weekend so not too concerned about a rig right now but I'm definitely getting one soon!

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    Oh and my advice?

    Don't smoke without a proper rig... Just don't...

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  7. Make an edible
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    There is no safe way to make a setup to do dabs.
    I do hotknife hits off of an old ti nail i have that i torch, it's great for the outdoors, but that's about the most makeshift thing you can do.
    I have an 18-14mm adaptor that i put a nail into the 14 mm side and use an 14mm downstem as my "straw," it fits right over the nail. I torch the nail, drop the dab on the nail, slide the downstem on and inhale. You just plug the other end as a carb cap. Low temp, full taste, dry dabs in the mountains. 
    I love glass on glass adaptors, bowl holders, plugs, ashcatchers, j-hooks and keck-clips because there are so many possibilities to build your own little ghetto smoking apparatus. 
  9. I'm willing to bet that anything you have in your house currently would not be a material for dabbing off of.  That kind of heat will cause nasty fumes or break whatever you are using.  I would suggest going to a head shop and either getting a domeless piece that will adapt to fit your bong or get the adapter to let you use a globe and glass nail.
  10. If you have a piece this is what I do when I have Crumble to even Oil, just layer it. I have crumble so im extra lucky in terms of smoking convenience without a rig. Bud, crumble, shake etc.
  11. Aha alittle late of a reply but a 1.25l bottle and cut the bottom off, then get a mate to heat 2 knifes over the stove,chuck ya dabs on the redhot knifes and 'fold it over repetedly' whilst holding the bottle over the knifes and let the bottle fill with smoke then inhale and prepare to cough ... Hits ya hard

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  12. you just gravedug the fuck out of this post,
    and said the exact same thing everyone else said.
  13. You could also do it with the cherry of a blunt
  14. I would say try something like a nekter collector. Use like a antenna or metal/ glass straight pipe. Heat end and touch dab. It's a really controlled burn and pretty simple. Wrap middle with some kind of wrag to keep from burning u while heating tip. But 9" should be plenty. Put dab on glass plate or something u won't hurt when u touch it with heated tip.
  15. OP is 4 years old I don't think they need help anymore.
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  16. And this guy thought that guy dug this post LMAO

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