Makes me sick...

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  1. the fact that they said another name for weed was "Cush" shows their knowledge of it lmao
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    Because they use coffee (sugar isn't a drug) and other drugs, that's why. They only care about themselves and they only allow such things because they themselves use them. If they didn't drink so much coffee they'd be against that too.

    Oh and the idea that the world would/could be drug free is even more insane than their other religious ideas. It's one thing to believe in Xenu and all that other shit, but hell at least that's a slight possibility of being true. There is absolutely no way in hell the would would be drug free unless the world didn't fucking exist. Humans have been drugging themselves since they've been human for fuck's sake...
  3. Fuck drug free world

    More like Bullshit commercial world payed for by Pharmaceutical/Alcohol companys.
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    Learn to spell.:cry:

    Also, if that is how emotionally weak you are without weed. Well you should have never tried anything mind-altering.

  5. nah man they spell it "Cush" in the video which is why i spelled it "Cush" in my post
  6. Odd they don't know the difference between the truth and personal opinions.

    Well if it happened to me it MUST be the truth.

    I kind of had the feeling some of them were actual tokers reading from a script, who were doing the video to get a lesser sentence or time off probation. Ya know, just puppets.
  7. Weed a gateway drug? I almost vomited.

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