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  1. omg.....

    what has the world come to, now the anti-marijuana folks must be getting desperate because everyone else with common sense and a brain have realized weed isnt pretty much anything they said, s'cuze my grammer:smoke:
  2. i see where there coming from at the beginning when the people are talking. like how they were saying they just wanted to get high.. but i mean seriously, what stoner wouldnt want to be high when they can. but when theyre talking about how it affected their lives and used it to get away from life, stop smoking it dumbass. some people just shouldnt smoke it. the people who can utilize it while still maintaining their social life, education, career, and not become useless, more power to us!! :smoke:
  3. [​IMG]

    LOL not much has changed in the last 80 years...
  4. So many puns in that picture..
  5. haha i love when they throw every possible slang term for it in one video even though they are all over the fucking place:





    Also I've seen that vid before. Half those people looked like they smoked meth for 3 years, then have the balls to talk shit about weed? Bullshit!
  6. He even said it himself, it's scientific. Us potheads aren't stupid we're doing science when we grow:cool:

    All these people saying "I didn't graduate, I had dreams."

    Well that's because you're a dumbass, that has nothing to do with pot.
  7. lol in the beginning they called it "cush"

  8. Yea, and now they're using weed as a cop out. At the end of the day, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  9. they use marijuana as a scapegoat for their own problems, now what has history taught us about the horrors of using scapegoats, oh that thing that happened in germany, the holocaust was it? yeah fuck these people if ur gonna say marijuana is the cause of all problems might as well blame the jews again, go sport ur swastikas u fuckin drug nazis.
  10. This is almost as bad as reefer madness. I'm absolutely in shock watching this shitty ass government film. This is literally a video of kids who couldn't handle smoking weed and gave up their life for it. Your everyday dumbass, who smokes weed as well. Wow haha.
  11. This site is funded buy The Church of Scientology. I'd like to see Maynard James Keenan whack them in the head with a wine bottle...:mad:
  12. Once you know that you can just take the whole thing as a joke so much more easily :p
  13. A drug free world? why the fuck are they not bashing coffee or sugar, and other 'drugs' that can be obtained easy.

    Fucking idiots would probably rather you be on a bunch of horrible drugs from the money making pharmecutical devil. I seriously want to bash peoples heads in. haha
  14. it takes some fucked up ppl to think that a fuckin plant is more dangerous than pumping our society and youth with loads of pills and chemicals. their motto is prescribe not legalize. one day society will stand up and i will be able to walk out onto my porch and admire my cannabis crop in my yard that puts clothes on my back, paint on my walls, the books in my library, my car running, and most importantly my health and the health of my family in check.
  15. i stoppped that video as soon as they brought up that gateway drug crap. these people are gonna do drugs regardless of weed. If weed didn't exist they would still do other drugs. Alcohol is the gateway drug, but only in the sense that its the first one most people try and from that they realize its fun to do drugs.
  16. Funny thing is, L. Ron Hubbard was a multi pack a day smoker and was known to abuse many drugs while molesting young women and men on his silly ship that he sailed around looking for a place to put his church headquarters without harrassment from local government.

    They finally settled in Clearwater FL which is now a haven for the crazy scientologists
  17. i learn somuch about everything on GC, from the origin of the AIDS virus to shit about the church if scientology, I LOVE IT lol
  18. Not meaning to be too much of a pedant, but it is classified as a hallucinogen, among other things. However, it is not a hallucinogen like LSD or Peyote.

    It's the same thing for me. Smoking and the smoking community has opened my eyes and informed me of many things: botany, respiratory health, the process of criminal law, social activism, and so much more.

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