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makeing a comportable liveing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by briwes911, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey mama is it a legal requirement to "donate" all your harvest (besides personal) to the dispensaries if you have a card and you are growing and do you have to tell someone that you are growing before you start? How much can you have at once for personal use? I guess I was under the impression that you could grow if you had a card and if your house ever got raided or whatever as long as you were within your counties limit of plants then nothing would happen.
  2. In CA the guidelines say you can only have 8 ounces of dried bud at any one time. So if you grow more than that, you are supposed to donate it or dispose of it. In all honesty, who the hell would throw away their bud if they grew too much? I wouldn't. But if you get caught with more than 8 OZ you can get your card yanked and even have legal problems. 6 mature plants OR 12 babies, and 8 oz of bud are the state minimums. Some counties have higher limits than that though. In Humboldt they go by canopy space and you can have 100 ft of canopy. Whether it's one huge plant 0r 100 small ones. You'll have to research the limits where you live.

  3. thanks for your help... to be honest i dnt really think ill be gettin like super rich but it would be nice to at lest be able to smoke dank herb at lil to no cost lol if im able to smoke weed for free... that rite there will be a benefit
  4. I think with an extra bed room and some 1000w lights you could pay the bills and live comfortably if done right, however it would not be legal and there is always the risk of being caught... sometimes in life the risk is worth the reward and sometimes it isn't.

  5. well i told my wife that if i was ever able to grow, sell and smoke leagly that i would do it with out breaking the law soo.... idk... also as a card holder you can have up to 5 patents and grow there weed as well ... so wonder if i could get my kids a card for like add or some shit..???
  6. Uhhm the tents arent necessary if the whole room is a grow. Hang mylar and or plastic to seal off the area, hang some lights from the ceiling, and blah blah blah. Look for decent indoor grows on the city. Oh and be carefull of your grow. Just because its legal in the "state" to grow, doesn't mean you cant get busted. Federal can still fuck everything up, because state laws basically dont apply to feds n shit. Try watching "the green rush" its on netflix instant. Im sorry if this makes no fucking sense, as i am not quite "sober" haha
  7. I forgot to read the second page, so sorry if my post makes no sense.

  8. thats a too funny quote... and ive been seeing on your tube ppl been shutting down shit... so just wondering whats the chances that the feds will just come to your house and kick in the door? i mean if your just smoking all day and are completely off the charts wouldn't that make you basically invisible?
  9. Obtaining recommendations for your kids who don't need them and (hopefully don't) smoke wouldn't be staying within the law. You could get a recommendation for your wife if you're married and she uses for any medical reasons, or you could find other med patients who would list you as their grower for a small amount of what you grow.
  10. hmm well i figured me and my wife and i see adds on crigs list for caregivers even tho my skill isnt good enough for all that......yet lol but idk im just trying to cover all my angles...nov is my move date... ugh i cant wait to smoke my own home grown lol

  11. its all good i got what your saying...

  12. The key to not getting your door kicked in is be discreet and don't tell anyone but your wife and even that can sometimes bite you in the ass! This forum was created for folks like us to gush all about our grows online without the repercussions of telling our "close" friends that will no doubt in time rob us blind or turn us in to the popo for some crazy plea deal. It has been kinda hard to keep my mouth shut to all my friends, but when I think about the alternative and going to prison (round these parts), it makes it easier for me to zip it closed and lose the key. So many grows I read on here have ended in heartbreak one way or another and I choose to not make myself a potential victim with loose lips and I advise you do the same....

    I will soon be moving to a place in Cali with a friend I was in the Marines with to start a lucrative business right along these same lines and I bet I don't tell anyone but you kind folks on here.

  13. oh for sho i feel ya on not telling anyone.. especially when your doing it illegally lol

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