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  1. how hard is it to maintain a comfortable living growing medical marijuana financially
  2. I was wondering the same thing, I think it depends alot where you are right now. The way media is softening it's stance on pot is usualy how they get the mindless masses used of new ideas or "re-educating" them from ideas they've already fed them. Growing medical for profit seems like one of those ideas that the ones who embrace it and get in early will do well if the govenment keeps softening it's stance and swaying the atidudes of the fence sitting public. Chances are It'll be like when they told everyone my age to go into these newfangled computers, only the first ones to jump on did well the late starters got a usless educating and work a McDonalds. Not realy answer but thats how I figure it'll work.
  3. Depends on how good a 'farmer' you are.

    If you have no skill or knack for growing, all the equipment in the world won't do you any good.

  4. Yeah, and paitence it's like "watching grass grow" I'm only half way through my first try but seem to have a green thumb. My previous gardening experince was moving dirt from the truck to over there, pulling unwanted shrubs and taking trees apart with a chainsaw. I am verry curious about this because I have a good location for a "farm" and wounder if it'd even be posible to make the $750,000-$1,000,000 in 5-10 years to buy it off my parents.
  5. well rite now i have some out doors just letting nature take its corse... me and my wife are roelocating in 90 days... and i im just wonderin how easly it would be for the cultavation of marijuana to produce enough to smoke for free and enough to pay for its bills... like light and such?
  6. Define letting nature take it course, I've seen pictures of those and they don't look like mine that have beeen babied every day. If nothing stupid hapens I'm gonna get back way more than I put in on my first try.
  7. Just a single room in a house is enough to make fairly good money. 4 - 1000s in a room can pull in easily 80k a year or so. That's just 4 lights. That's assuming an experienced, knowledgeable grower though. If you aren't an experienced, good grower you can easily just lose your entire crop and make little to nothing.

  8. dam 80 k so im moveing to Michigan and the limit is 12 plants so thats 12 plants for me and 12 plants for my wife.. is that ... i forgot what i was saying.... ugh ive been trying type this for like 20 min now...
  9. ok so it wouldn't be to hard for me an my wife to be able to smoke for free and maintain a house hold then correct?

  10. the only thing i have done is use some miracle grow and ive trimed the fan leaves so there not so noticeable..
  11. well you put the money in as an investment. your initial cost will be big(depending on how big of a grow). Lights, soil, pots, ventilation equipment, nutes, and misc items (ph readers, temp guage etc etc). Once you get going, you wont be spending much. If you follow simple rules and do it right from the beginning, your first harvest should pay off. (again, depending on how big the grow is).

  12. so what like $2000-$3000 to start ?
  13. well how big are you planning to go? how many plants do you want to grow? how big is the grow area?
  14. You need money to make money.

  15. we will have a extra room plus a two car garage to work from... now just moveing we will have me and my wife as card holders which will be a total of 24 plants i figure if i start 5 plants and then do 5 plants every 10 or 15 days that would give me enough to keep a steady rotation... but this is all just planing ahead.... i think i rambled a lil bit......24 plants one bed room prolly like 2 or 3 of those grow tent kits

  16. yea well i wont be moving to a new state broke lol that doesn't make any since lol and i completely understanding it taking money to make money
  17. Yea you're looking at several thousands of dollars to start up. You might want to start small your first grow. Maybe 6 plants? See how you handle a grow that size. And If all goes well, expand by all means :)
  18. yea i figured that no since in starting over my head lol
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    MMJ is grown for personal use and any excess is donated to a dispensary so they can distribute it to other patients. When you donate you receive re-compensation for some of the money you spent to grow the crop. You won't make anything like street prices and it's not meant to be for profit. Also, it's not likely you will be able to grow enough to sell, and stay within MMJ plant limits. Where I am we can only have 6 full sized plants. Most places that allow more plants require you to grow indoors so you yield much less per plant. To yield enough for personal use AND to make a living, you would 100% have to do it illegally. Say you legally grow 6 outdoor plants and yield 1 pound per plant. You will need some of that for personal use. So say you sold 4 of your 6 pounds, making you about half of what street prices would bring in. That wouldn't be enough to live of for more than a couple months. You could always grow more plants, but you wouldn't be doing it legally. And if you grow indoors, have fun yielding enough to sell off a few plants. You'll get something, but not enough to live off of.

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