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  1. finally some chemicalogical evidence! thats what i like to see. good post. im searching for UVB lights as we speak.:bongin:
  2. nice post. interesting vid. so who uses a uvb bulb, i wonder how much black light produces?? lol FL's on the map for high uvb amounts :)
  3. I too will be further researching this theory so everyone should post what theyknow!!!!!!!
  4. If any of you guys chose to play with UVB light ....hook a switch to your grow room door to shut down the light when you open the only get one set of eyes :cool:
  5. wise words my friend,
    I was thinkin of a light switch just inside the door,
    but your idea is better since I usually get blazed before
    I go inside my room!
    I can see myself sometimes forgetting to turn it out.:eek:
  6. i used one this grow, a 26w 10.0 UVB cfl w/ a lumen output of 660. but like he said in the vid, u got to figure out how many hours on is best. mines on 12/12, & i grew this strain last grow w/o a uvb bulb, & this grow, the buds are bigger & there is a noticable difference of the amount of trics around the seed pods, seems to be about the same amount of trics everywhere else, & the buds closest to the bulb are more frosty.
  7. bump for important info.
  8. what does this mean?
  9. *how to make your weed stronger*

    "lace it"

    Lmao. :p just joking. Very interesting find......hmmm...
  10. yeah this has been around for a while, and the whole point of lighting is trying to get it as close to the sun as possible. So adding in the uvb rays will definetly help. i wonder if adding x rays and gamma rays will help too lol
  11. Much respect to the Marijuana Man and Mark Emery. But I don't buy his theory that you make THC with UVB light. My weed and most other indoor grows use zero UVB and grow the best pot on the planet. He makes some claims and observations about who grows the best outdoor pot on earth. South of the Mainland US and Hawaii are the best places to grow the strongest weed? Hawaii and California grow some of the best weed on earth (I said some of the best).

    He says it takes UVB to make THC. My weed has THC but I use no UVB. I know your going to say "He said it makes it have more THC". I watched it twice, he said you have to have UVB to convert the fiberious disk to THC.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying UVB does not do any positive effects to your bud. If he said it made more tricroms or turned it amber quicker, I might have bought his theory.

    Take a look at Marijuana Man's show on Pot TV. He goes all over looking at commercial grow rooms. Not a single UVB bulb in any of them. A few times he makes claims that he has just smoked the best bud ever from some guys indoor grow, but it had no UVB to be seen.

    I don't claim to know a fraction of what he knows. I just dont agree 100% with this one. No disrespect.
    Peace, R.
  12. I used UVB on a small ass grow, and one of my plants was using it, and the others werent.

    The plant that used it, had noticably bigger trichomes.

    Im no researcher, but i think all a uvb does, is allows the plant to get a bit of the light the THC is supposed to be blocking, thus creating maybe more, or bigger trichomes?
  13. For those of you arguing that you use zero UVB light, I challenge you:

    What type of lights do you use?

    Traditional HPS of any wattages leaks UVB light. They are protected by a thin cellulose film but that does not STOP UVB light, it stalls it. UVB, as others have mentioned, is wholly dangerous to humans *not plants*. I like the auto-switch-on-door idea:)

    But besides the point...I've seen systems of all shapes and sizes and each and every one produces UVB light to a degree. And even Mr Marijuana says RIGHT AFTER his spiel, 'it's not certain at all, it just would seem to me...'

    Now while Mr. Marijuana has nothing to say towards this idea, I suppose it's necessary for the UVB light to act like a catalyst, starting the reactions, and the reactions themselves can easily take care of themselves with other types of light.

    An analogy I can think of is Bio-Diesel driven engines. You have to prime, start, and kill the car on REAL Diesel gas, but when it's running on the road, a simple switch changes from Diesel gas to Vegetable Oil, and still works fine, while saving money/CO2 Emissions...etc.

    Has anyone asked Mr Marijuana if UVB is the THC producer in natural light....Why is it that Tibet has produced the legendary Kush strains in the highest altitudes in the world, with the least available light? This is absolutely proven fact, but he doesn't mention THe Kush mountains at all when listing off his 'best marijuana sites on earth'.

    The guy's a smart cat, obviously, but he's really going out on a limb by saying that UVB is the only thing Resin glands need to produce THC. That's just absolutely untrue, in my opinion.
  14. Taken from

    I agree that saying it produces THC is wrong though, helps or adds to production would be better said.

    You are correct :D

    People think they use the trichomes as protection from uv (as well as catch pollen and ward off preditors), think of the trich's as sort of a tan. More uv exposure- the deeper the tan.
  15. yes, thats what Im talkin about.
    keep the info comin in, Im soakin it all up.
  16. I agree with itty53. Mr Marijuana Man said the best out-door weed is grown below the united states is BS.
    My HID lamps do make a small amount of UVB light, but it is nothing compared to out-doors.

    I trust Bliz-NATI when he said he gets more trichoms from adding a UVB lamp. I just dont think the UVB is what makes the THC. I feel the more tricroms are being made as a reaction to the increased UVB. Sounds like the same thing huh?

    I agree that more trichomes will give you more THC, but lowering the humidity will also produce more trichomes. I would not say the the nations with low humidity produce the best pot on earth. I feel it has more to do with who's growing it.

    To say UVB is what makes THC is a stretch in my humble opinion. It is best summed up with what Mr.GoodStuff said
  17. seems like Im gonna have to conduct an experiment,
    so that I have 1st hand evidence as to whether or not it works.
    ill just put a uvb bulb somewhere in my room and document and post it for all yall to see.
    I just entered bud , so itll be real soon!
  18. Has anyone found a UVB light that they know works?

    If so, where'd you get it?

    I'm having trouble finding a UVB light with the nm between 610 and 720.
  19. Its what Im gettin, they have the right spectrum & intensity!
    but I dont know if they work or not yet, so dont get mad @ me if
    you buy em and they dont work,right now its still just an idea to me!

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