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Make your own pipe screens?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Azureblue, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. #1 Azureblue, Aug 7, 2008
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    I have been contemplating the idea of making my own little pipe screens (for my own personal use) instead of paying for the little pre-cut circular 5 packs.

    The idea seemed simple enough. When I got to Lowes, however, I noticed that all the screen (think door screen) available had little shards or granules that would come off on your fingers when touched. I pictured all of those aluminum shards going into my lungs :eek:

    I am wondering if anybody has done something similar before?
  2. Erm, I'm having a brain fart.

    But if you understand what I'm saying then by all means give it a shot.

    I wouldn't use a screen from a screen door for this project, but I can recommend you a material.

    Problem is, I'm not sure what the hell it's called.

    Mi Madre calls them "lint socks." They're made of some kind of stainless metallic that isn't bad for you like aluminum foil.

    Damn, I really wish I could help you right now. I feel quite retarded, but hopefully you know what I'm talking about.

  3. screens are 10 for a $1 at my local LOW BOBS.....I say why waste time making a screens when you can waste your time smoking? or you can go out in your driveway and grab a pebble...those work just as well
  4. it's not too hard to make your own screens provided you have the proper tools.

    get the right gauge wire mesh from the hardware store, just eyeball it so it's not too fine or coarse to properly keep your herb out of the pipe.

    clean it off. i like to shake it vogorously, bang it against a hard surface a little, and sometimes use compressed air.

    it may also be a good idea to preburn it. just take a lighter [Torch or bigger flame works best] and thoroughly preheat the area that will become the filter.

    Now visually inspect the wire mesh, making sure it is clean, free of any particulates. Next just cut into the appropriate size and use.

    But really, why bother with all that when premade screens are like a dollar a pack?
  5. Good point, I totally forgot about that too.

    If you go to your local head shop or Hot Rags if you have one near you. I'm not sure Hot Rags may just be Chicago-land. Anyway, ask for a Glass Jack or a Glass Screen.

    These work phenomenally and are only $1. They last a lifetime if you don't lose them as well.
  6. You guys are awesome, thanks so much! I'll probably hunt around for a good local source for buying these. Part of my problem was that there wasn't a place around that sold them (small town I live in).

    I do love MacGyvering though. If I get bored (or stoned) sometime I might try making some for fun :D

    Thanks for all the tips!
  7. try tobacco stores, surprisingly the headshops here don't have glass screens.
  8. Yeah, just buy them. Not worth it to make them.

    A little pinch of tobacco works just as well.
  9. Door screen is usually made from Aluminium or galvanized steel I wouldn't use either as a smoking screen. The flakes in your hand are probably from the galvanization process.When i can't find a screen a screen from a faucet aereator works perfectly,They usually are made from stainless steel & can be purchased individually
  10. If you really want a screen but dont want to go any where all your sink faucets have screens in them (more than one) so unscrew the little round piece where the water comes out and it should have a couple of screens in it but dont take them all.
  11. Dude I was just going to say that lol, there are no screens in any of the sinks lol because ive been so despreate for screens and too lazy to go to the store. Tho now if I dont have a screen i just make a one time use tin foil bowl. I know the byproducts of tin foil arent good for you but when your despretate your

  12. That's exactly what I was worried about. I'm glad I asked so I didn't take chances!

    Thanks again to all :cool:

    There is a tobacco shop in town so I will stop in and check them out tonight. Thanks again guys :D
  13. made my own screens my entire smoking carreer... I just bought a big strainer at a doller store and have been cutting little pieces off it for years..
  14. a lot of screens have carbon fiber stuff in them, never use that

    if you have to steal the screen out of the sink, use a tea straner, buy some at a store ect.

    but the best ones you can really make on the fly are the ones where you just start spining a paper clip around and around untill its a small disk
  15. I just have a sheet of wire screen that I cut a square out of then fold it over itself a few times to get the right size. also making it thicker and more durable.... but sometimes it gets CAKED with resin so I poke a few holes through with a needle.

  16. I knew I was in the wrong damn business! :p
  17. Thank god u made ths thread because ive been itchin to tell someone this. I you go up to your bathroom sink or any sink theres this metal thing where the water comes out. you can use a cork screw to get it out but when you do get it out it looks and works just like a normal, store bought pipe screen. Some Sinks have a weird plastic thing on the bottome instead of a metal screen so watch out. I actually went to a sink store once or the sink section in like home depot or something and poked out a bunch of screens because they work so good.
  18. Hell yea when i went to high school all the sinks had the screens missing.
  19. The goggles in my science class had some screens in the vent holes to prevent any chemicals from getting in. they were perfect size too:p I just popped them out on every pair i used and took em haha.
  20. So youre telling me you used a chemical filter to smoke...hmmm.

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