Make your own natural rooting hormone at home!

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  1. Well, for some reason I was watching Martha Stewart...but it was an educational episode! She taught how to make your own root growth hormone for clones, in your own kitchen! Here's how it goes:

    1. First you need some willow tree branches. Lucky you if you have one growing in your yard. Stick them in a pot of water for twelve hours.

    2. Clip them up into smaller pieces, put them in a pot, and slowly heat them on low.

    3. Heat them until the water is real dark brown.

    4. When it's turned dark brown, strain out the sticks, throw them out, and keep the water. The dark brown water that you now have is the root growth hormone solution! Willow trees are naturally abundant of this hormone. All you did was extract it.

    5. Pour some in a cup and stick in your clone that you snipped off your mama plant. Continue like you would with any other clone.

    6. To store it, put it in a empty milk jug (anything that you can seal) and stick it in the fridge. Label it though, you don't want to drink it!

    So if you want to use a root hormone on your new clones, but don't feel like buying any, try this out if you want. I hope this helps some one!

  2. Thank you for posting an informative and educational post.

    P.S. I like watching Martha Stewart to, especially when she is cooking!

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