make your own herb grinder!

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by GreenDazed42, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Quick! Is there anyway to make a homemade herb grinder? I really need one, but I'm too lazy to go out to the store just for this. I just need to break up my weed fast, with minimal touching from my hands.
  2. scissors my friend!!! not unless u got a small motor and some sharp blades to throw together!! i'd just go to the store and buy a bud blaster, they're cheap........
  3. Heh, I was using my swiss army knife scissors to chop them up, but the peices when flying!!
  4. lol!! kinda small eh!! just breack it up with ur fingers, why u bein so gentle with the bud. if ya got nothing just breack er up!
  5. i cant think of a single household object that COULDNT be easily used to break up weed. come on!
  6. could you be more specific and less of an asshole

  7. ...cut it up inside a bag... man...some people!

  8. lol!! crease me up hookah!
  9. put your weed in a shot glass, or other small cup, then stick your scissors down into to there and just go mad. itll be busted up in seconds, any residual nugs can then be picked apart.
  10. I use a coffee grinder. Makes your coffee taste kind of interesting too...
  11. pencil sharpener (electric or manual...make sure to clean out first, and to get it off the blades if you can)

  12. Thing is, you have to put in a lot at a time or else all the weed will just fly above or below the blades...
  13. what does a weed grinder do? I always use my fingers, is that not a weed grinder?

    Im so confused.
  14. Scissors and a shot glass, thats all ya need!

  15. HAHAHA that rocks man......... just sounds hilarious :)
  16. I use scissors and a little metal cup. Works like a charm.
  17. i never seen the point in buying a grinder, sure if you have the extra 10 bucks latying around but weed aint gonna hurt ya. plus its fun to break up
  18. Some people...

    You know what GreenDazed42 I think when god said hands You though he said Stand and you said no i'll sit

    What do you think Your hands are for?! And secondly you should have a box or a top of a tin where you break up your bud and let the lil pieces fall into the stash box or tin top cause you can smoke it later
  19. my friend uses an electric coffee grinder his parents stopped using.
  20. whats wrong with buying a grinder? they make breakin up bud a lot cleaner, quicker, and easier. i just put bud in it and turn it, then im ready to roll a blunt.

    my grinder also got a pollen box so that kief can fall thru and collect at the bottom

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