Make your own bluntwraps!

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  1. Ok, so ive been sitting here a minute ago and thinking about starting a cigarette paper company, and i was investigating the paper making process.

    And then the idea hit me. I can make my own bluntwraps!!!!

    Here is how:

    Step 1.) get a pack of smokes.

    Step 2.) soak the smokes in water for a day

    Step 3.) get some window sreen from a TINY window

    Step 4.) get a bigass container that can fit the sreen

    Step 5.) take ur soaked tobacco and put it through a mixer/blender/whatever to mix it all up. Blend on high speed for 1 minute.

    Step 6.) fill that container mentioned earlier with warm water

    Step 7.) add ur tobaccco pulp to water and mix mix mix in the container with a mixing spoon or someshit

    Step 8.) dump ur sreen into water. Now take it out really slowly and let water drain

    Step 9.) take a cloth and press gently on top of the pulp in the sreen to squeeze the water out. Wipe bottom of screen to get rid of warer faster.

    Step 10.) once you have a dense wet sheet of paper formed take it out of the screen. Now roll it out with a round object to compress it even more.

    Step 11.) now put it into the microwave and dry it out. Apply some mollases or honey on one edge of paper to acg as glue strip. Fill with weed, roll it up and enjoy!

    I know it sounds like it will take a long time, but it will take you only half an hr to make like 20-30 bluntwraps!
  2. so a pack of cigarettes is like 6.00, and at most you could make 4 from a pack using this method. hmm, i think i'll stick to glass
  3. lol have you done this yourself..? it really works? cool idea i guess if you need a blunt/rolling paper!
  4. Do it and post pics. :smoke:
  5. Um.. wouldn't this be really bad for you? I thought blunt wraps were just paper. This would be terrible.
  6. blunt wraps are made out of tobacco
  7. or buy a blunt for a dollar
  8. Wow, I just googled it too. That is so bad for your health. >.<
  9. I have never made bluntwraps before, but i did make paper out of a bunch of dried up leaves when i was a kid and the paper looked and felt like a bluntwrap. I am certain this will work. And a blunwrap basicly is a piece of moist paper made from tobacco. A pack of smokes will prolly give u like 10 bluntwraps. Maybe a bit more. Maybe a lil less. But 10 sounds about right. I will do this pretty soon and post pics, and ill let you know how they smoke :smoking:

    Not cost effective.
  11. If u live in calgary where one bluntwrap is $2.50-$3 then yeah it is. You can prolly make one bluntwrap out of 2 smokes, so it will cost ya bout $5 for 10 wraps, and that will be like 50 cents each. Thats a lotta money saved. Smokes here generally cost 10 bucks for pack of 25. If you use pipe tobacco, then it wil cost u like 4 times less then with smokes cuz of the low tax on pipe tobacco.

    Im pretty sure youbcould also make the blunt wraps out of other plants, like mj leaves. Although i dunno how good mj would taste if turned into paper... :hide:
  12. Not to mention you get all the chemicals the tobacco sprays on the tobacco.

    For your Health.
  13. x I personally would rather spend the money on premade ones --- HOWEVER this is a great stoner project to try out just to say you made your own wraps.. You should post a tutorial with photos :)

  14. Indeed i will make a tutorial, but i gotta wait for rents to leave for like an hr, cuz ill need lots of time to take photos and shit. Im so fucking stoked for this lol. Im prolly gonna have pics up sometime this week, maybe in a day or 2 and believe me, i wont forget, cuz i cant smoke weed right now, im getting tested cuz of job.
  15. cool idea, dont waste your time with packs of cigs though. just get a bag or tin of loose tobacco, they're way cheaper for the amount of tobacco you get.
  16. This is just a waste of time, the tobacco inside of the cigs obviously has tons of chemicals as do already made blunt wraps but overall a bluntwrap pack of 2 is 1.50 here, which is the best possible bluntwrap.
  17. fuck that shit zig zag makes blunt wraps that comes like 2 in a pack for $1.

    but i guess thats pretty cool

  18. yes i know that blunt wraps are SUPPOSED to be cheap, and they are in general, but in my city everything is like 3 times more expensive as anywhere else in alberta (canada), and 1 bluntwrap is 2.50-3.00 bucks. 2 are like $4.50-$5.......:cry:

    so if u are being raped by taxes like me, than this is prolly the next best thing to buying cigars and shit, cuz they can be expensive too, and this method gives u wraps for like 50 cent apiece
  19. itd be cool to make one fucking huge wrap like over a foot long

  20. yep, and to do that, you would have to go through this process.

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