Make up youre own society.

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  1. I've been thinking about this for a research project for school. Please if you are able, post a summary of a society you created how it works and how the people in it function. I'm very interested in hearing.
  2. Interesting. I could go on and on about how i believe the world should work but in essence, i want the world to quit all wars and fighting and unite against causes and be more open and freeing. A society where people can go on spiritual journeys and expand their consciousness in the safety of their home. So yes, recreational drug use will be prominent. I also want a world where people will open their homes and cars and allow people to travel from city/city and country/country seeing the sites. I wish for the world to unite and focus on medicine and science and actually "shooting" for the stars. Travel to other worlds, figure out how to live on another planet. i could go on and on, let me know if you want to know more.
  3. Well I got this idea that this physical reality can never be perfect I mean, You always have to be striving for something like money or food at the very least.
    So what if we found a technology where we could create a new reality where people were completely limitless. They could always be experiencing new crazy things and exploring new places. Kind of similar to but I totally didn't copy this from what I saw of Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War.
  4. Well the one we have right now isn't so bad, if you take away the overbearing governments, lack of acceptance, tendency towards violence from so many, and the incredibly prominent issue of greed.
  5. Make sure you use proper grammar in your paper! :hello:
  6. [quote name='"flyingMYplane"']Make sure you use proper grammar in your paper! :hello:[/quote]

    I kinda feel you're trying to be the grammar natzi.
  7. [quote name='"McGlovin"']

    I kinda feel you're trying to be the grammar natzi.[/quote]

    Yeaah, kinda. How long have you had this assignment? Whens it due? :smoke:
  8. A society without numbers and letters.
  9. A society where plants are intelligent and animals are not. The plants would be able to communicate and stuff buy would still be stuck, and animals (including humans) would just walk around not thinking.

  10. You should watch the show Nature of things and episode of Smarty Plants.. It shows various studies about how plants may be smarter than we give them credit for. It shows how mother trees care for their seedlings by feeding them nutrients through roots and alot more crazy shit like how they call on animals to protect themselves.
  11. Greed is a blessing and a curse. You can talk shit about it all day long, and it is the scapegoat for a large amount of blame, but greed is inevitably what drives humanity. If greed didn't exist, people would not strive to better themselves. Who cares if it's "the right thing to do"? That's not good enough for most people. If you took away the idea of heaven and hell and there were just one lifetime where each person put 100% into improving society, we would be so much further along as a species. Instead, we rely on a few great people to pull us up, unwillingly, into each new age.

    People are fucking thankless and lazy. I would know. I'm that way.


  12. I second the numbers part. Letters are kind of useful though.
  13. Id be the great khan of my society.

    It would be exactly as temujin wanted.

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