Make shift pipe?

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  1. Hello all and how are you doing on this fine day. I have a question if anyone has ever done this or think it will work. But you know the little tire pressure readers like the ones where the scale sticks out to say the tire pressure. Well I was wondering if you all think that you could use it for a makeshift pipe. It comes apart really easy and it looks like it would work, I mean it was made for air to pass through it right!! So give me your thoughts on it guys. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful journey.
  2. Buy some rolling papers for 99 cents.
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    apples are usually cheap, about
    3 for a dollar...carrots sometimes cheaper for a steamroller...papers are about a buck as well...
  4. So many better options lol.

    Just naw.

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  5. I mean I would get papers but I really suck at rolling
  6. Clicked on this thinking it was "Make shift pie"
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    APPLE PIPE (see attachment)
    All you need is a pen and an apple. Use the ink cartridge to make the vertical hole and the pen tube to make the horizontal hole. If you make the horizontal hole go all the way through, you got a carb.
    To avoid accidentally sucking in ash, start with a decent sized nug then after the first few hits, pack some grinded weed on top.
    I don't know why not as many people know about this. It's way better than foil and most make-shift stuff.

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  8. Sometimes people just get bored and feel like making a pipe..

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