Make Ramen Weed Noodles with vaped weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by The Green Toker, Sep 27, 2009.

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    With vape poop? I'm sure it is possible, but maybe you would need like 7-8 bowls. Idk, lets experiment with this. I will when I get my Extreme Vaporizer from vape world sometime this week.

    Discuss :confused:

    loophole :D.​
  2. I'd go with da buddha. I have one and fucking love it! Plus you can get dank with your extra $150!!
  3. v o l c a n o get one off craigs list your cheapest bet

  4. QFT, if your gonna buy one new (not off craigslist) go ebay, the manufacturer enforces a manufacturer set retail price which means resellers are literally not allowed to sell for cheaper than the MSRP but if you get it off ebay alot of times they'll throw in a bunch of extras... Got mine with a bunch of extra fittings, a really nice hard case etc.
  5. da buddha, free grinder man. plus discount, 144. then get a bong and a spoon and a bubbler and some weed. haha
  6. I bout a Buddha back in february and LOVE it!! They are made by 7th floor...anything that comes out of them is usually good... they also make the silver surfer if your interested in that.. Its pretty much just a step up from the buddha and you can customize it alot more.. Just sayin cuz you said you had 300 to spend...


    vapeing is the way to go.... since ive had my vape i havent even touched my much healthier...
  7. fuckkkalladat...lemme tell u just get a Easy Vape..its a lil black box..$120 probably @ any local like a charm and /w ur extra $180 buy some nug...

    yessur, vapes are the shit...i still smoke bongs/blunts frm time 2 time but mainly the vape....the high is so nice and lasts like all day lol
  8. Get da buddha and a half o and be set.
  9. Ok man I'll be straight with you...

    Don't spend more than like 200 bucks on a vape. You'll will probably regret it...
    Pretty much every vape can produce the same effect...

    Volcanos are overrated. Loud fan and crackly bags suck. why would you spend that much money in the first place?

    Vapes are cool and all but you will eventually get bored of em. The high seems to be less dynamic and more generic if thats a way to decribe it. I got a vaporbrothers because it's of really good quality and will not break. So if you spend a shit load of money on vape you will be out a shitload of money but still have the same high...

    Get either a Vapor brothers or da buddha.

    The glass whip is better on the vp but the db has a slightly better heating element angle. Both are top quality.
  10. i've got the silver surfer, and it's fantastic. it's made by the same people that make da buddha, which has the same internal workings as the silver surfer, just a different outer cover. they have great customer service too.
  11. Idk guys, I'm kinda falling in love with the "Extreme Vaporizer," by Airizer. Same people who amde the V-tower, it is 250 but I think I'm buying it.
  12. if ur spending 300 wait and get a volcan0
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  14. I also have a vape and Im looking for ideas as to what I should do with the vaped bud. I have no idea if ramen noodles would work, but they probly would taste like shit. Wut can u do with vaped bud?
  15. I've never used one before but will probably be getting one within a month. Liked the info in this thread.

    I doubt your idea of cooking weed in ramen would be good. No fatty substances to help absorb the THC. It would be just eating the left over crap in a bowl of noodles. But I'd like to hear how it goes for you.
  16. Dude, there's no way that is going to taste good. But copyright that recipe or whatever. Between the vaped weed and the ramen, this is like flashbacks of college for me.
  17. The only thing you can do with the ash from a vape is save it up and make a little baby smoking buddy doll. A vaporizer uses up 98% of the THC.

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