make lean??

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  1. anyone know how to make lean can i mix sprite with tussin or with any cough supplement or the only way is codine and sprite lol ??:confused:
  2. Get any liquid hydrcodone or Codeine....mix 2 ounces of that in a 20 oz sprite. enjoy. any cough meds you can buy legally contains dmx witch isnt an opite. but research dmx before you go off and drink it. you might not like it.
  3. codeine can you get that in stores or you have to get a doctors note lol i have been looking for codiene i want to make purple drank lol
  4. Haha normal cough syrup dosen't contain any opiates, it does however contain a hallucinogen.
    EDIT: Yah you need a prescription unless your in Canada or something :p
  5. fuck looks like it time to hit the streets lol to get my codiene
  6. promethazine with codeine 1-4 ounces depends on how much ur tryin to lean hahha
    20 oz sprite

    (1 shot of vodka to add is optional also)
  7. and toss in a jolly rancher to top it all off
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    im set lol i also have 7 hydro pills watson 349's i dont know about pills should i snort half or all
  9. im not a fan of snorting 500 mg of tylenol to get 5 mg of hydro in my nose. i usually just chew them
  10. Yeah brother. Just take all those pills at once. Just eat em like skittles snort APAP can mess your shit up man. Its no good. cloggs up your nose and ruins the effects you wanted. ...damn im fucked up ambein and liqour haha
  11. what are my pills they only say watson 349:confused::confused:
  12. exactly. and good luck finding lean, its even hard to find in texas now and if u find it its like 3-400 a pint :/
  13. shit lol ill ask my teacher he is soo cool lol well he got fired for being too cool and im out of school so ill just ask him for codeine or buy it off him
  14. liquid codeine isn't too common..
  15. i got a half a liter bottle of it when I got my tonsils out last summer. it was niiice after my throat stopped killing me
  16. lol nice
  17. i had some a while back, im pretty sure acetaminophen 500 mg, Hydrocodone 5 mg.

    They're pretty much just vicodin.
  18. i can still snort these then right??

  19. how old are you?
    NO, you cannot snort them
  20. you could snort them

    but it would not be good

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