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make keif into qwiso?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ndub19, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Hey guys i have about 4g of keif that iv been saving up and i wana make some hash out of it, iv made pressed hash a ton of times and im sick of sprinkling bits of keif on to my bowl. Has anyone here ever made QWISO hash from keif? theres no hash/concentrate market around here. So just wondering if anyone has made qwiso hash from keif and what were their results.
    Iv made qwiso with bud, stems and resin before but never my precious keif but now that i have alot of it i wana make some nice solid hash. (Or possibly even oil?) :smoke:

  2. yes you can make bomb oil from keif
    search the threads in the harvesting and processing section of the forum and you'll have your process
  3. qwiso is oil, but if you mean highly concentrated oil like 70-80%+ THC just do your normal qwiso method but make sure to shake for only 10-15 seconds and let the kief be in the ISO for as little as possible, strain through a metal strainer and then strain that through a coffee filter into a pyrex dish, evap like normal after it's evap'd bake on 220F in your oven for 15-20 min stick in freezer for 2+ hours after the pyrex has cooled so you can handle it from baking in oven, and then take it out and try to scrape quickly while it's brittle and crystaly
  4. do exactly what tuesdays said, only skip the metal strainer as kief is way too small and it wont change anything hahahaha.

    I add kief to my qwiso batches to increase the yield by a massive amount, works like a charm
  5. Personally i would just press the kief.

    But you can make it into qwiso,
    might aswell through some bud in with it too though.

  6. Haha yea, thats what i was getting at with the last line in my comment, i only add kief to my batches, i never use it alone for a batch.

    Course it would be epic if the op pressed half, and qwiso'ed half (with extra bud/stems/trim) and rolled the press in the qwiso.... would be an epic ass hash patty thing hahahahaahha
  7. Yeah don't make it from strait kief,
    a touch pointless in my opinion.

    That would be pretty cool,
    or just make a decent size batch of oil,
    then mix the kief in so its more stable.

  8. Well i dunno what texture your qwiso comes out, but after the decarboxylation, mine is more of a hard substance at room temp (like shatter BHO, only not BHO) so i was thinking if i had a smaller ball of press, and while the qwiso was still cooling after decarboxylating (as its still a liquid/goop) roll the press in it and allow that to cool so its like...a hard ball of qwiso, with a soft kief interior.... like a gusher, only hash, and not fruity flavored.... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. That is true,
    my qwiso is usually pretty stable as well.

    Whatever he does he gonna end up with a dank product, haha.
  10. Thanks for the awesome replys guys, i think im just going to run some through a coffee filter for a batch of super potent concentrate, And i also have a dank stem jar for all my stems and extra bits of grinded bud. Last week i made some pretty potent qwiso hash from my buster.
    during evaporation:
    After melted and balled:

    Attached Files:

  11. Another question guys, how much oil do you think i would yeild from the total 4g of clean screened keif

  12. well theoretically it should be close to 4g if its pure kief but due to losing a bit and it randomly disappearing or something id say 2-3g's?
  13. probably a little less than 4 grams man, you wont lose much weight if just using kief
  14. Yeah your not going to loose much from kief,
    its not like qwiso gives you a 100 percent pure extraction anyway.

  15. No but just like bho it can get super super close. I'm going to have one of my batches tested by fsl soon too prove my qwiso is better than most of the bho here hahaha but that's a whole different tale

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