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Make joint burn slower( 2 papers?)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lexx25399, May 8, 2011.

  1. I have juicy jays and was wondering if i put a second layer in the joint will it burn slower? is there any way to make it burn slower?
  2. It will burn a bit slower but it will probably taste more papery. Idk though, I've never tried this, not a bad idea.

    Keep in mind the longer it lasts, the more smoke is going to trail off the cherry, the more weed is going to be wasted.
  3. yea that is true but what about if i get an empty bottle and make a carb in it and when i exhale i exhale into the bottle and the inhale it back in? its like 1 toke is actually 2. know what i mean? and im also thinking if i double wrap it it would bring out the flavour of the rollies more. right?
  4. Don't double wrap, just buy thicker papers. Alternatively, you can roll "pinners". Roll thinner joints and you'll waste less weed.
  5. well im sharing my joint with 2 girls. so i want it to last.
  6. roll it tighter or just get a bluntwrap/dutch
  7. well i dont feel like opening the joint and rolling it again.
  8. well just smoke it then ittl b str8 as long as u rolled it gud dnt double roll it tho
  9. well its a little loose.
  10. then re roll it dude its no big deal
  11. yeah ill re roll it. but im kinda a noob at rolling
  12. a joint between three people shouldn't be held amongst you for any more time than taking a breath.

    seriously, puff puff pass.
  13. my friend and i roll long joints with 3 papers. basically smoking 3 joints in one. we have alot of bud between us though.

    i don't usually smoke blunts but it will burn slow and last long.
  14. Just smoke a blunt man, the thing about joints is that the margin of critical error is alot higher. If you somewhat roll a blunt loose, it can still burn pretty slow and nicely. But if you fuck up a joint in the slightest way, it can throw EVERYTHING off.

    But a perfectly rolled burning J is a thing of beauty.
  15. Get cellulose rolling papers
    then roll very tight joints with it. They burn for so damn long.
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  16. Fuck all that paper shit, roll a blunt.

    Burns slower, smoother, just overall better.
  17. 2 papers wont affect the speed the joint burns.

    If you know how to roll like a pro, just roll it a bit tighter than you usually would.
  18. Mist very lightly before rolling.
  19. Misting can work but it will also mean you are more likely to have to relight = waste of weed. Don't bother blowing back into the bottle because by the time you want to inhale it again the THC will have decomposed, just hold it in your lungs for ages. The best way is to roll tight and use less tobacco (if you use tobacco) if you aren't a pro just buy yourself a rolling machine mate ;D
    Good luck, get them girls.

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