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Make Hemp Oil Cheap and Easy!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ThePhantom, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hello there! As you all know, I am quite into the activism of cannabis extract medicine and using it to cure diseases. Until now, there was no way that the common citizen could make the oil, unless you were willing to get at least an ounce and start working with solvents. But now, there is a way that literally anybody, even myself in my own college dorm room, can make this medicine!

    A woman named Shona Banda used a cheap vaporizer to make oil, and cured herself of terminal Crohn's disease with it. She wrote a book about her experience called Live Free or Die, and it is available through all major book retailers including Borders and Barnes and Noble. She also released a video promoting the book and describing her experience, as well as showing how she discovered to make oil from vaporizing. This is truly revolutionary, and I advise any medical marijuana patient here to go out and do this. Put your disease to rest for good!

    One more thing. This thread is ONLY for the positive discussion of hemp medicine, questions about Shona, or questions about this method of oil production. It seems every time I start a thread it turns into a debate, and that's not what this is for. Finally, there is a way that YOU can try this yourself, so let's all go out and get some good healing done.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cQrT0sDxyc]YouTube - Shona Banda - Live Free or Die[/ame]
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    hmmmm... this is making the inner MacGuyver toker in me take pause.

    i wonder... what would happen if you were to hook up a vaporizer to a sort of condenser/still system? how would it be made into a higher output sort of device? given it's viscosity, i can imagine that if it were like a still system, the cooling water would probably have to be replaced with warmer water to help allow the resulting resinous material to remain somewhat fluid and mobile.

    if basically honey-oil is the result, i can imagine that it'd be much more potent and have signifigantly fewer pollutants and other nasties in it than the honey-oil that's made with toxic solvents like naptha and/or butane.

    can you imagine a vial of pure, condensed thc/cbd/etc mix?
  3. That kind of medicine you describe is the ultimate goal of hemp medicine. I believe Richard Brumfield is pretty close because he does not use any toxic solvents, but it seems that something like your way would be really great. Hopefully I can get a vaporizer some time and start doing this myself, it's just so damn easy!
  4. So let me see if I got this right. With a vaporizer, all the "goo" around the glass/bag/pipe is essentially oil?
    All you gotta do is scrape it off and viola?

    This seems too simple...

  5. yeah, it kinda does... but, i don't see it as being all that different as the gunk that'll build up on your fave pipe or bong after a while (if you're like me and don't clean them after each use.) and instead of tar and other nasty shit, it'd mostly be the residue from the vaped weed.

    in either case, i've been wanting a vaporizer and this sounds like an interesting experiment to rationalize getting one (well, aside from the health benefeits of not inhaling the smoke.) ;)
  6. As far as I know vaporizer resin is condensed THC in its purest form
    Videos like this just make me angry, How can the government make something illegal when its fucking curing aids and cancer. If Cannabis truly is capable of curing all these illnesses then the government are murderers as they must know this information, they've done enough research on it and they let all those people die just because Legislation would harm pharmaceutical industrys and harm the cotton trade. Who are they to deny people their right to heal themselves and carry on living?
    Bit of a rant TBH but I cant cope living knowing how our world is. Human beings killing eachother, children getting killed just because the condition of society, innocent people are dying all over the world and it ALL comes down to money. Worst thing is there's nothing I can think to do about it. I'd be willing to leave everything I know behind if I could think of a way to possibly help, yet unless EVERYONE opens their eyes to the fact that things don't have to be this way things are never going to change. It's not about Legalisation of Cannabis any more, It's about the healing of the Human race.
    Sorry for going so off topic but hopefully by posting this i'll at least get people thinking.

  7. i hear you on that one... the hermit lifestyle gets more and more appealing every day (or, maybe not hermit but maybe a commune of like-minded individuals)

    but hey, if things keep going the way they are in Cali and that starts the dominoes toppling... well, Cannabis IS the healing of the nation afterall ;)
  8. I was gonna say that , Bob Marley knew what's going on and that was his message to the world he didn't want us to stop at legalisation. He knew that it was the first step in the right direction to the healing of the world. If shit doesn't get any better in the next 30 years bring on the revolution. Then it's time for man to overthrow it's greatest enemy
  9. awesome! i hadn't realize it could be so freaking easy and right under my nose this whole time! :hello:
  10. This was something that was under all our noses, nobody realized it. But all you have to do is try this and see it work. Just like in the video, scrape up that goo with a capsule, and repeat until you have many capsules. Seems easy enough to me. There are so many medical marijuana patients on this forum, people need to start doing this and healing themselves. It's just too easy!
  11. i had the idea before but i couldn't put it into practise as i only own a MFLB, glad to see it works though. However i wonder how efficient it is, I presume seen as none is getting inhaled all the THC condenses
  12. wow. awesome. i mean, it seems logical. pure thc/cannabinoids are being vaporized, isolated from the plant matter and it condenses it all comes together and becomes what it naturally is in its natural state.

    glad to hear of her success story and that we are finally moving towards the right direction.

    btw what is the vapor point or boiling point of all cannabinoids? or basically at what temperature will all cannabinoids vaporize?

    +rep for the great find.
  13. The vaporization points, according to Wikipedia:

    And here is a place to buy the exact vaporizer as in the video: Noble Vapor VP300 Standard Herbal Vaporizer - Camden Market Place
  14. I live near Camden market and have been their multiple times and would not suggest you go there for toking tools, it's all overpriced low quality junk, I saw an orb vaporizer probably worth £25.00 for £150.00. However grasscity does a supposedly reliable orb vape
  15. Complex Partial Seizures Present Diagnostic Challenge - Psychiatric Times

    im trying like hell to get the fuck away from a system that simply makes many of us worse then we were when we first went to them.......:mad:


  16. Here is a useful reference.


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  17. That's a great graphic oldskool, I've always enjoyed reading about all the cannabinoids and their medical properties. Seriously, to all the people out there who have this capability... start making little bits of oil and test it. You can either ingest it or use it topically, so if you know anyone with skin cancer, you can take that out pretty easily.

    I know there are hundreds of medical marijuana patients in this world. All you need to do is get a cheap orb vaporizer and you can make this medicine and actually cure yourself. I don't know why people would not at least want to try it, when the potential for success is so high. This is how the revolution can start!
  18. I won't start another debate with you on it here, and I'm not saying it doesn't posses curative powers, but you always make it sound like a panacea and it's not. I want to see REAL research done large scale; yet another good reason for legalization.
  19. All the research and experience points to the notion it virtually is a panacea. These are my friends and I will not hold back what I've seen because it is simply too bold a statement, but I understand your desire for more conclusive findings. Once those are out, we'll have won.

    And that's why this technique is so incredible. If you do not believe me, you can now very easily find out for yourself this is real. I've already seen results from oil I've received through other means, but based on Shona's testimony, this technique should produce medicine as effective as with other techniques.
  20. Oh anecdotal evidence is great too don't get me wrong, and I really DON'T want to debate, but there really hasn't been a lot of research. What has been done indicates it's a powerful potential treatment for various cancers. It's not magic though. I just hate seeing people given false hope.

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