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Make hash oil/butter solidify in higher tempratures

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Vinni, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. I been following the hash capsule recipe to BNW here with great success. My friends love it too. I been using a bit more coconut oil then recommended to be able to control the potency, so i dont POD too easily.

    Summer has hit us for full now which means my solution melts if i bring it outside. Do anyone know something i can mix it further with to make it stay in a solid state?

    I tried to add dark chocolade, but chocolade melts easily too.
    The obvious solution is to just make capsules, but im afraid if im stopped by the police they might cause some suspecion.
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  2. I don't know of anything that might work with @BrassnNwoods 's recipe and not melt if you don't want to use the capsules. Can you carry a thermos or cold pack with your edible? Hopefully someone thinks outside the box better than me. Good luck with it. Let us know if you find something that works and help the next blade.
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  3. I make cookies and home made nutella cracker sandwiches.
    Cookies won't melt, and the cracker sandwiches won't leak if wrapped in foil.

    Any box cookie mix will work well with BrassNwood's oil.
    Be sure to keep track of weights of things so that you'll know potency.
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  4. Thanks dude. I actually used a cold pack to bring my chocolade around while traveling. Its just a bit annoying when the freeze elements run out of «coldness». I dont know about the thermos. One too big zip of the thermos, and im toast haha.

    Thanks you. Cookies is maybe the best option but they are a bit too famous too be weed edibles if you know what i mean.

    This firecracker you mention. It looks interesting. You mean something similiar to this:
    The "Firecracker" Is The Easiest Weed Edible You Will Ever Make
    I worry a bit about the peanut butter since it might melt. Any experience on this?
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  5. You said it melts when you bring it outside but what's the problem with it melting? I'm sure you have a reason for not wanting it to melt, I just don't understand what difference it makes. If you're concerned about carrying cookies around because someone may suspect they contain weed I think you're worrying too much.
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  6. You are right. It’s not a big problem but can be. That is for two reasons.

    1. If i bring it all in my squared jar which i normally keep it in, and it melts, i loose my reference point since it will take on a different shape when solid again.

    2. I want it to look like something perfectly normal that nobody relates with edibles.

    Again, its not a big issue, im just interested in how this can be done
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  7. #7 bkarnaze, Jul 24, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
    There are many, many different firecracker recipes.
    Some do a partial in-air decarb followed by an in-oil partial decarb and infusion.
    The one above uses a single in-oil decarb, because peanut butter is mostly peanut oil.

    In-oil decarb is less efficient than in-air decarb.
    The recipe I use is BrassNwood's.
    Here's my version of it tailored to nutella or nut butter, and 5 g herb.
    1. Decarb @ 240 F for 40 min using a verifying thermometer
    2. Grind to fine powder
    3. Mix together the following
    (5 g DecarbedHerbPowder) + (5 g Lecithin) + (72 g NutButter) = 20*(4 g Doses of 40 mg thc) + (2 g waste)
    4. Quickly preheat mixture to 220 F, then bake at that temp for 20 min
    5. Freeze mixture
    6. Thaw, then repeat steps 4 and 5
    This can be considered as "firecracker spread," and it can be used on bread, crackers, etc.
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  8. try some soy lecithin it is an emulsifier
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  9. 2 things come to mind.
    Lard, AKA Bacon Fat.
    Crisco is likely your best bet for a stable solid oil at summer room temps. They both have higher temp points where they change from solid to liquid then Coconut oil our most used oil.
    Test both and see what works best for your application.
    It will take longer to feel the effects as the Lard and Crisco will both need bile to start breakdown.

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  10. Ill try this firecracker recipe and Crisco. I`ll post my results. Thanks as allways for the help. Seems i need to go shopping tomorrow haha.

    Hey, im allready using sun flower lecithin. Is there any difference to sun flower and soy? Thanks
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  11. Use less oil, solidify it in the fridge, then open up an Oreo and smear it on the icing. Hidden in plain sight.
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  12. I've tested all versions of Lecithin, Sunflower and Soy, Liquid, Granules, Powder and all worked equally well and I couldn't detect any real difference in them.
    Liquid and powder seemed the easiest to work with as the granules are slow to dissolve completely.

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  13. SOy is a little thicker that is all
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