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Discussion in 'General' started by HuskyToker, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Basically I just want some extra money so I can buy more weed and I heard about taking surveys online. Now if anyone has any info about this please let me know. I saw a website and they have a nice little thing going on so if anyone has experience with this site please let me know. Also I'm skeptical about weather after a week of doing 4-6 surveys a day if I'm gonna run out.
  2. Eh. most of the online money making things are scams. But this is real

    but it is a very complicated procedure but they do not scam at all.
  3. Most of them u get like 10 dollar gift cards.
  4. Most survey sites eventually lead you to into the machine of "free gift cards, ipods, iphones, xbox360's, plasma tv's, cameras, psp's, etc" chains. That or some of the offers you have to pay for to "try" and then cancel later on. Its annoying and usually not worth it. Making money through doing surveys and looking at targeted advertisments took a crap a long time ago and hasn't really come back since.
  6. try They have got a forum for proof of payement and some people get cheques for $500 a might be worth a look in.
  7. a lot of these internet moneymaking or paid to view sites are all ponzi schemes. i was a member of the former 12dailypro that promised 12% return on initial investments for 12 days before receiving a deposit. luckily i never put any money into it because they ended up going bust and all funds were frozen, although a friend of mine legitimately made 1000's of free dollars for pretty much doing absolutely jack shit. it was too difficult to figure out at the time and luckily i didnt do it.

    i say, just sell shit on ebay or get a real job etc, its far easier and higher paying.

  8. LOLOLOL 12 daily pro. Really brings back memories.

    That was the one site i never put money in, i was a master at the money doublers and traffic sites. Made a ton on studiotraffic, paypilots and easychairclub :) Lost a lot in other stuff too but overall up a couple k :)

    And those free ipod stuff. Dont bother unless you have like 6 different computers with 6 different ip addresses with 6 different credit cards and 6 different real addresses. I have done those sites as well and made good money. They are not scams, but they are not what they seem.

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