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  1. I'm going away for 9 days. I want to cut me weed before I go like right before I go and have it not get too dry before I get back. I'm having roommate check on it to make sure RH stays where I want it and all that. But he has no experience. So I'm thinking I wont wet trim I'll hang whole plants itll make it take longer also keep RH good ( what percentage do u think) and all that. Any other tips?

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  2. at 50% 9 days may not be enough, you'll be happy when you get home, but then again, if you are growing pot it's always good to get back home
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  3. I left my plant in the dark but still potted (watered well) at 50% humidity when I left for 10 days and I still had to hang it when I returned for a few days. I may start doing this with all my plants because the smoke is amazing. First pic when I left may 21
    June 4th after hanging a few days 20190604_113109~2.jpg
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  4. Very nice! What did you dry yeild?
  5. Don't dry your harvest by fan. Keep your RH around 55-60%. Dry up to 14 days if possible. Dry plants until you can bend the stem and it doesn't bend back but not snap.
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  6. Thanks 3.5 oz
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  7. When trying these long term drying techniques. Watch for mold.
    Long term drying is a great way to dry and start curing your weed. The flavors are awesome. In the end product.

    But there is a real chance of mold with out air circulation.
    It really need air circulation of at lest some movement to help prevent mold and keep it more even air circulation with the weed naturally coming down with its own humidity and it's time for long term.

    I like leaving it the pot in the dark.
    Ive done this way before with good out comes.

    But I haven't been 10 days before that's a long time. Ive done 5 days though.
    I don't see what it would hurt I think the outcome would still be really good. But I still wouldn't want to do it without some kind of air circulation just because I've had them mold before doing long term drying. Mold that's not good.
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  8. I set at 18c 60% rh, with oscalating fan. 10days then its ready to jar. I actually want to make a 14day drying period.
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    Agreed and I did have a fan blowing on her the same as when she was growing. I was skeptical about it but that was a better option than having my wife look after it for 10 days
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  10. Hell yeah man!

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