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  1. I see they mostly use dry ice to get the trics to fall off but why couldn't I just do it outside when it is like 0 degrees F out?

    Does the plant material really have to be dried first or could I just freeze it fresh for a couple of months in my chest freezer until it gets cold enough outside and then do the hash making outside with fresh but frozen plant material?
  2. No your weed doesn't have to be 100% dried … Trichomes are on the top and on the outside of the plant .
    I always freeze my weed before making hash .
    I have never used dry ice and I only use 3 of the bags.
    I also use hydrogen peroxide .
    You need two 5 gallon buckets , Put a half bag of ice in and a bottle of peroxide and fill the bucket about 60 % full of weed and then use a paint stirrer and mix the shit out of the bucket then use the Highest number of the micron filter bag .
    then the micron number which is in the middle number .
    Then the lowest Micron filter number sorry I don't remember the micron numbers .
    I don't stack filters I pour into one bucket using one filter then put another filter in the other bucket and pour everything through that filter .
    I don't use the paint stirrer inside the filters ………...
    That's why I use more then one bucket .
    Good luck
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