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Make a simple bong(water bottle)?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcarlos95, May 10, 2011.

  1. So how do I make the most simplest bong w/o water? I have a socket, waterbottle but what should I use for the pipe. Also, will using these items be harmful? Like I heard using tin foil leads to alzheimer's.

    Also, I CAN'T go out and by a bong; trust me, I would, but I have caring parents...
  2. I tried googling, but like all of the videos are dark/unclear.
  3. Yes it will all be harmful.
  4. Make a GB by cutting a hole in the bottle cap and putting the socket in the hole. Cut the bottom off of the bottom or just cut/melt a hole in the bottom to the size you desire. Bottles are pretty much free (trash) so experiment

  5. hoenstly, if they found a glass bong, they would be less upset because they would know it's for ganja, then them finding a waterbottle bong and them thinking it's for crack.
  6. I'll help you out here, OP, I have a lot of WB bong making experience. Find a simple, thin water bottle. If you cant find a thin one, find the flattest plastic possible. Then, find a pen or thin tube that the socket fits on. Next, choose the spot where you want the downstem going into the water (try to put it at a level where water wont spill or get into the downstem too much). Take a lighter to that spot until you have melted a hole a little smaller than the downstem. With a bit of force, push your selected downstem into the hole until it goes in and is airtight. If the bottle cracks, i would suggest getting a new one and trying again unless you want to torch your bowls. finally, burn a hole for your carb and hit that shit. WB bongs are the shit, theyre never resinated and taste dank.

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