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Make a habit in smoking dirt.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobius, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Here in Jersey we constantly some schwag, .. dunno if that's how it is in NJ, or if I just don't got the hookup. But smoke dirt constantly.


    Well I will tell ya.

    Smoke dirt constantly. For one, it is easier on your pockets. Two, you NEVER take the good shit for granted. So when you finally get in a situation where you can get good shit, it's like a friggin religious experience to puff the bright yellow, red-spotted buds of actual WEED.

    That's my lesson for today.

    *if u got the hookup in jersey CALL ME!!*

  2. yeah dirt is all i can ever afford.
  3. ok now dont laugh ! but when smokie & i had our youngest daughter i did crave dirt , not any kind of dirt it had to be deep back road red dirt in s, kansas & n, okla . I could smell it in my dreames !!!! if i knew someone was making a beer run on those roads i would go out & take the fine red film of dirt off their bumper & drewel running down my chin lick it till it was gone what a high!!!! well i cant write any more ith salivas are kikin in & if i drewel in the pc it might break it tehee red dirt thats were its at man !!!!!

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