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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by weedboss, May 10, 2003.

  1. Hi there i was just wonderin if u could make a chat room 4 us tokers. It would boost ratings 4 the site if u dun it like where u can post in the forum and chat 2 fellow tokers aswell. Post bk n tell me wot u think . Thanx ;)
  2. well sounds kinda kool but i think youd better let somoen else tel ya yea or no cuz i dotn know ? lol im high lol fuck it peace
  3. isn't n e ov u guys gonna get bk 2 me on this 1?
  4. Y is that tho?
  5. sometimes theres people in the AIM chatroom "grasscity" im sometimes in there too, under the name LysergicLuv.

  6. yah, chatroom would be cool but think about it...

    Chat Room = More Bandwidth = More Expensive For SJ

    I don't blame him...besides the forum rocks as it is! :smoke:
  7. We have talked about this several times. SJ is not going to have a chatroom because of many reasons..

    1 It's to hard to keep moderated.

    2 There are other chatrooms that had people trying to buy and sell stuff and it opens a new way for the law to shut us down..

    3 SJ has so many other things going on that he doesn't have the time to try and keep a chatroom open.

    4 There aare so many other chatrooms out there and they don't get used that much..

    2-3 people opened a chat room that are from the city. It gets used very very little so I've heard.

    SJ has said that he doesn't have any plans at all of having a chatroom..

    End of story!!!!!


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