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    hey so i just wanted to share the way i made my bong. It may not look like much, but it hauls ass :bongin: I dont have a camera at the moment so i made a diagram to show you the steps involved in making a bong. Depending on your location, the prices shouldnt go over $15. I got the water bottle i used for $8. If you get the right kind of water bottle, it should come with the straw.
    EDIT:: incase the bowl doesnt fit into the straw, heat up the plastic to make it soft, and then try inserting the bowl. If it doesnt fit right away, repeat it again until it does. Make sure to let the plastic cool a bit before you reheat it

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  2. man everyone knows how to do that hahah dont feel special its simple!
  3. I just made a cool little bubbler the other day.Its really nice,I will draw it(camera Broken)
  4. yes, that is how bongs work...
  5. Not trying to be a dick but that is pretty lame.I made a bong with three tree percs.And I have seem a inline to 22 tree homemade.
  6. Looks like a bubbler

    Edit...nvm that is a bub....different poster

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