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majorly stupid but funy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by mini_toker, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. highlite the:) thingy and it looks like it pissed or sad it funny
  2. sadly i've noticed this before and have pondered making a thread about it.
  3. you're not alone :D
  4. wow, other people actually DO notice that stuff! :D
  5. Seen it before...
  6. Doesn't change anything...I'll try it in IE
    edit: I see it now, neat little trick
  7. wow that is pretty funny, i never noticed that...lol
  8. wht r u spoce to hilite?
  9. the only thing funny about this... is how many people noticed that... haha... wow
  10. ahh HAHAHAHA cowofsteel.... best avatar i ever seen... nice!
  11. yea its pretty damn funny, but I can't take credit for it, its from some guy at the bluelight.nk forums, which is just a general drug forum, I go there to find stuff out about different drugs, good source aside from erwoid.org
  12. The Winking ;) one highlighted looks stoned. The Laughing :D looking like a steers head.lol..
  13. That's cool....
  14. We are all so stoned that we highlight smilies to show our stonnedness and then we are perhaps all stoned.....did that make any sense?

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