Majority of students enjoy sex and smoke cannabis

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  1. THREE quarters of Trinity College students are sexually active and 15pc claim to have had more than 10 sexual partners.

    A survey of student attitudes shows that sexual health is a priority as three quarters of those who are sexually active always used condoms. Seventeen per cent said they did so "occasionally" while only nine per cent said they never used them.

    The survey was conducted five days after a sexual health campaign was run by the students' union.

    It found that a third of those who were sexually active have had one partner, 30pc had 2-3 partners and 22pc had more than five. First year students claimed to be the most sexually active.

    First year students also said that one-night stands were more acceptable and made up a disproportionate percentage of the 71pc of students who thought one-night stands were okay.

    While almost 80pc of students admitted to taking drugs, almost 60pc of the responses related to hash.

    However, drug use is sporadic with 41pc claiming to only take drugs once every three months and then mostly as part of a night out. Just under a quarter 23pc claimed to take drugs more than twice a week, usually hash.

    The survey of 200 students was carried out by Trinity News which says that a majority of students, 82pc, felt that hash should be decriminalised.

    Only two per cent of those surveyed stated that they had never taken alcohol, 6pc drink once a month, 69pc drink once or twice a week and 23pc drink more than five nights a week.

    Just over a third of Trinity students surveyed said they were working part-time and only 10pc of these were working in excess of 25 hours per week.

    Three out of five students said their biggest expense was socialising. Over one fifth survived on £50 or less per week and 18pc on more than £100.

    It found also that apathy was widespread with only 19pc claiming to support a political party. Labour was the most popular with Fianna Fail in second place.

    Ninety per cent of those surveyed said that women should be admitted to the priesthood of the Roman Catholic church while 10pc were opposed to the idea.

    Almost three out of five said they were not religious while 41pc described themselves as religious and only 27pc of the latter said they were actively engaged in their religion.

    Meanwhile, a separate study of final year TCD students in Trinity News found that 46pc plan to take a year out when they complete their degree course while seven per cent intend to pursue further studies.

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