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Discussion in 'General' started by GemGoo, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Hey,

    I no hook ups are a no-no here just looking for advice. I’m staying in Can Pastilla and was planning to scout the beach and bars this eve looking for a dealer for a small amount.
    I’ve never had to do it this way before, do you think it’s safe enough as a solo-female traveler?
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  2. Lol don't buy weed by yourself you'll probably get robbed... Go with some1 if you can

    Try the Lucky lucky men that sell glasses & other shit.. when i was in magaluf years ago I seen a few lucky lucky men get busted for selling drugs:laughing:

    Some even say it openly like "anyone need Mary" they also say other drug names but you can't talk about them on here :laughing:

  3. So your answer is no not safe for lady loner?
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  4. I wouldn't do it personally I wouldn't go by myself either, you don't know if they will rob you ect fuck risking that

    You could try asking someone who works at a bar they might be able to hook u up & it's probably safer then buying it from a lucky lucky man
  5. Fair point, I’ll try some bar guys, worst they can say is no I guess. Ta x
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