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Major what the fuck moment???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by turn_baby, May 17, 2010.

  1. So me and a couple of my friends were burning by a stream behind my friends house. Everything was going good passing around my new steamroller. I smoke maybe twice a weekend but my one friend smokes on occasion. All of a sudden after a deep hit my friend (occasional smoker) starts coughing real bad. The steamroller goes around and he tell us to skip him. We do and he puts his head down. A couple moments later a friend says, "Is he alright?" Then we look at my friend and he falls backwards. He is as white as a ghost and stiff as a board. We all just stare for a moment. At first i suspect him to be fucking with us and i yell "Dude stop fucking with us," he doesnt answer "dude get up this isnt funny!!" Now im very scared. I am furthest away from him and i tell them to check his heart and breathing. However i jump over and check for myself. He is breathing extremely faintly and his heart rate seems normal. I smack him while i am trembling like a scared 5 year old school girl on her first day of school. He eventually muscles out words for water and we give him a bottle. He proceeds to drink it. We ask him if he can get up and he barely says, "I cant open my eyes." i tell him "its alright bro just relax and keep drinking if you can." He follows my orders and eventually opens his eyes. we give him time to compose himself and get up. we finish smoking (he doesnt) and we leave. He is extremely high now and is basically fine.

    What happened to my friend!?
  2. holy crap, thats crazy
    i think it was just tooo much for him.. damn tho
  3. That's called a "greenout"

    It's basically when someone takes in too much THC to handle for their tolerance. It's not inherently dangerous - just very unpleasant.
  4. not unpleasant for him unpleasant for us lol.
  5. Something similiar has happened to me before, I think it has something to do with low blood sugar. Its nothing dangerous in my experiences and he should be back to "normal" in a couple hours, if not tomorrow.
  6. he whiteyed thats what we call it from where im from, not enough oxygen too his brain u get insanly high feels like ur in a jungle of high around ur mind pretty insane, most people throw up i threw up everyweekend for maby 2 months a few years ago =/, eventually ur system gets used to it and u just get insanly high without the whitey:p
  7. that sucks man.... i knew bout the lack of oxygen but i was wondering if anyone knows what would cause it hahah. Does anyone know by any chance?
  8. Actually I recently read an article in West Coast Leaf that says this can happen with low blood sugar, it says to give them a sugary drink or some OJ and they should feel better.

    I dont think it has anything to do with lack of oxygen.
  9. eh?

    i have an idea... maybe it is caused by CO2 and carbon monoxide when you inhale weed smoke... just a thought...
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Se7en - Seven Final Scene[/ame]

    Now this is a mind fucker
  11. The sugary drink thing makes sense.. whenever that's happened to me i've been all "GIVE ME LEMONADE OR ICED TEA OR SOMETHING!"
  12. happened to me after a long t-break lol not good remind me to not stop smoking that herb!

  13. happened to me on 4/20. Me and my friends were smoking practically all day, from 6:30 in the morning to 4:20 that afternoon. Probably at around 12:00 lunch time, about 4 of my buddies and me had a pill bottle of purp that we just got at 10 that morning. Were all lighting up but then on my 3rd rip, i just start to fuckin trip like never before. All i remember before i had my strong trip was just staring at the bong, not even knowing where i was. Everytime i stood up, it was like something was poking at my waist where my belt was and my legs literally felt like noodles. Then in my mind what felt like 2-3 minutes tops, my friend grabbed the bong right before i just laid back on the bed and was just staring at the fan. All of a sudden, it felt like i had a serious out-of-body experience. And the most fucked up thing, I thought i was out of it for maybe 5-6 minutes, but then when i came back out of it, my friends told me i was out of it for almost 2 hours since it was almost 3:00. And the most shitty part, I had to go football practice at 4:00 and i had to lift weights for about an hour and we all had to do our 40's that day. But out of the 60 players we got, about 40 of us were stoned, and 4 out of 7 of our coaches were stoned to, haha. They told us that they know most of us were high so they said we aint doing nothing today and all we did was eat mcdonalds/taco bells and cruise that whole day, haha.
  14. Had a similar experience. Me and a friend were called into a mandatory meeting at work, so we decided to smoke first. So we go in the woods and smoke 2 J's. We then decide to hit Taco Bell before going to the meeting. My friend seems fine until he goes to sit down. I look over and it seems like hes pouring water all over the table. He then just goes down and flops on the ground, and his eyes are really far off as if he is going into shock. I rush to him (we were both lifegaurds at the time) I check his breathing and pulse, which are normal, but he is still staring off like hes about to cross over into some pretty light or something. So I slapped the shit out of him, and he comes around. "Why are you slapping me?!" he demands. "Dude you just like spilled water everywhere and collapsed." I reply. So he gets up and I get him a new cup of water, mean while everyone in taco bell is staring at us. He goes to sit down at another table. Then he does it again! Except this time he knocks over a chair on his way down and it hits him on the head once he lands on the ground. I immediatly rush over once again to slap him some more, but he comes to right before I can slap him. Freaked me out bad, thought he was gonna die.
  15. same thing happened to my friend evan, he didnt smoke much and we gave him a fat rip, we went out to smoke a cig and he just went pale and fell on me, i thought he was trying to bear hug me or somethin so i just pushed him off, he fell into the ashtray and flipped it over onto his chest. We were at a friends parents house and i just opened the door and said "diane?(friends mom) I think evans dead." and she comes running out and he wakes up like a minute later and says hes fine, he went to try to walk in the living room and just collapsed again, and my friends mom was buggin, she thought we gave him some crazy drug but we just said he wasnt used to smoking and we smoked him out fat, and she believed us and just started crackin up and made us all eggs and toast. fun times.
  16. Hahahaha, eggs and toast.
  17. this is the perfect section to post a story like this in. good ol' seasoned tokers!
  18. Same shit happened to me when I took my first gravity bong hit. I was like WTF the morning after because I had thought 2 years of a decent amount of smoking would have gotten my tolerance up so I could take it!

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