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  1. I think many of you may know I wrestle for my school, competitively. Well, at practice one day we were drilling and some smartass (I'm 6'1" @ 200 lbs, this guy was 6'4" @ 250+) gets the idea he needs to go the extra mile. So I get him in a neck tie, he pulls to a two on one and then gets a half-nelson. I don't expect most of you to understand all of that, but that was the drill. However, he lifts me off the ground and I feel my entire arm stretch upward.

    Long story short, I tore my pectoral and my latissimus muscles and now I have to go in to get major surgery to have them repaired. I'm really not happy about it, especially because I'm going to be stuck in bed for 1 week, and then unable to work/wrestle/drive for another 3. SON OF A BITCH!

    By the way, I got my revenge. I went with the regular drill but I decided to add some spice to it. He got the collar neck tie, I pulled to a two on one, and got him in a regular half nelson. When he thought I was about to let go, I took him while still in a half-nelson and german suplexed his fat ass. Totally worth it and coach was laughing too hard to yell at me.

    Re-cap: While drilling at wrestling, my partner fucked up my muscles and now I need major surgery and I got revenge by nearly tearing his arm off.

    P.S. yes, my arm hurts and it has hurt for an entire two months... Semper Fi
  2. For some odd reason, the edit button is gone.. So I have to double post (don't be mad)

    EDIT: I was wondering if would be OK to smoke this weekend
  3. Yes, its okay if you smoke. Don't worry so much though, its not major surgery that you're having. You'll be loaded up on roxies and oxies so you'll be good!
  4. Don't worry 'bout it man. Besides, when it's all over, you'll probably have a nice bottle of painkillers to pop before smoking.
  5. ive done a little of the wrestling also,,,, i have fond memories of competing in my high school,,,, im a small frame guy,,,, but i was quick,, and very agile,,,,,

    i cant remember the name of the move,, but i liked to ''at the start'' grab the guys hand wrapped around my waist,, and roll left,,

    flipping him over,,, and going for a. nasty head lock,,, combined with, a ? shoulder move,, tapping was 9 out of 10 times my win,,,

    shit that was in 83,,,, long time ago,,,,,

    rep to you,,, for even getting into this sport,,,,, i had a blast at it,,,,

    and for a small guy,,,, got some nice tropheys and ribbons,,,, that i still have to this day,,,,:cool:
  6. Yar. Thanks btw. I'm going into surgery on this upcoming Monday. The pills I'm going to be getting are CODEINE! I'm so happy!
  7. if your having major surgery youll prob get something better than codeine. theyll prob give you perks or vics, ask for them if they give you anything less, cry and youll get your way. have fun, i had tommy john. so it sucks
  8. good luck with your surgery

    what's your beef with ihop?
  9. Sorry it took a while to respond, I was at work :(

    Ihop is not stoner friendly. They held my friends in until the cops arrived under suspicion of illicit drug suspicion and then I saw a thread in which many other people has the same problem. I'm cool with them now, just been to lazy to take it down.

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