Major Problems With Ads...pop-Ups.

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  1. This is pissing me off..I get a nw ASUS with Windows 7 last yr and have moreproblems than my shitty hp. I keep getting 'Platypus Entertainment' ads , and fucking CBS video popping up atleast every 5minutes.
    I scanned for malware and it found none...I use Firefox...I can't click on a link without bullshit popping up...
    -Click on link for guitarcenter.
    -Some bullshit page on starter guitars or buying lessons comes up.
    The same shit happens if I click on links that do with smoking and a E-Cig ad pops up....
    What is a program to nip this shit in the BUD now...?? I never ever had problems like this with computers before..I don't download shit anymore so I don't know...must windows 7, because I feel like an old man with this shit.. I have
    Avast and Adfender...Adfender has blocked over 3500 ads since I installed it last week smh..but these playtpus ads keep popping up.

  2. Forgot to add..please feel free to offer advice..thank you.
  3. Run "No scripts" addon in firefox it will solve your problems most likely. It'll create a little "S" Icon on the top left of your firefox when your on a page that you need to see script run content you just temp release it. It will prevent Java and whatnot from running in firefox but all you need to do is click on what you would like to enable.
    It prevents pop ups very effectively.
  4. If it persist after you run no scripts make sure you clean your PC up with the following, Run CC cleaner, spybot, maleware bytes (run maleware bytes in safemode).
  5. i find firefox and adblock plus works pretty well. 
  6. this....i never get pop ups.
  7. Often times pop ups can still appear even with a pop up blocker because they open as "new sessions". Simply disable that in the settings and you don't need any add ons. 

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