"Major Powers Have a Deal on Sanctions for Iran"

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    Major Powers Have a Deal on Sanctions for Iran, U.S. Says - NYTimes.com

    Frankly I think these sanctions are an absolutely terrible idea.

    Who are these sanctions going to negatively effect if not regular Iranians? They will turn those who would otherwise support the US or the West by giving them legitimate reasons to hate us. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be able to add fuel to his "Fuck the US" rhetoric bonfire and we will be one step closer to war.

    This is bad news :(

    Edit: It also occured to me that this will provide more and more support to the bastards who advocate terroist attacks on civilians on the grounds that the US is at war with Islam.
  2. We shouldn't fight crime either, because it just makes them commit more crimes.
  3. So any effort to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions, no matter how futile, is okay, even if it alienates what few allies we still have within the country?

    Doesn't make much sense to me Drone :confused:
  4. It makes perfect sense. How does not doing anything fix the problem?

    The other option would be war, would that be better?

  5. Well we have a huge army sitting in Iraq, and another huge army sitting in Afghanistan, and a bunch of ships in the Persian Gulf...

    I think we could manage to return Iran to the stone age in relatively short order.

    No need to even physically enter the country, just decimate its entire infrastructure. No more nuke production.

    The only tragedy here is that we didn't do so 3 years ago when it would have saved a lot of lives in Iraq and AfPak (since Iran has been supplying the terrorists).

    Peace through superior firepower.

    Additionally almost all of Iran's oil reserves are located well away from population centers. Securing those would be very easy, and wouldn't involve dealing with any significant amounts of people.
  6. I hope im dead wrong but to me this looks like some people trying to start WW3. The rehtoric of taking action because of the Weapons of Mass Destruction lost its effect on me along time ago. Im still skeptical of our true intentions in the whole region. I know im gonna catch hell for this but i say be a man and let them throw the first punch and after that im all down for the their certain destruction.

  7. Iran is hardly capable of putting up a "WW3" type fight.

    You have to recall, the only reason we take casualties on the ground in Iraq is because we put troops on the ground.

    We could have just have effectively destroyed every bridge, road intersection, power plant, and dam in the country through airpower alone.

    The country would be put back into the stone age. We could do the same thing to Iran and they would have no ability to stop us.

    WW3 requires someone fighting back against the US with similar military capabilities. And, if you remove nuclear ICBMs, there is no country on the planet that has the ability to militarily challenge the United States. Even China and Russia are 20-30 years behind us technologically.

    I don't deny that there are problems with asymmetrical warfare against a foe like Iran, and their willingness to use terrorist attacks. But strictly speaking, there is no possiblity of a WW3 because there is no ability to challenge US military might.

    Even Russia's most advanced air defense systems, were they placed in Iran, would probably be unable to stop F-22s or B-2s, much less satellite guided cruise missiles or swarms of predator drones. And that's just the technology that the US has that is public knowledge. It's highly likely that the secret "Aurora" program has produced a handful of bombers that are capable of making the F-22 and B-2 look like shit.
  8. Who is we? The bankers that own you and this country? I wouldn't say that you are included as a part-owner of this "huge army" man, so don't give the impression that you have any say in what they do :rolleyes: the very same people who own this country are out to set up global government, they don't give a FUCK about America. What happens when all of the people who oppose the United States are killed, you think your life is going to drastically improve? What happens when they turn on Americans, and there's nobody left to stop them?

    America is just a stepping stone to these people. They don't care about the law, and they certainly don't care about you.
  9. Im not so much worried about iran in itself really putting up a fight but i feel like it could be like the powder keg that sets off the whole region once actual fighting occurs. Like i said i could be wrong but i dont wanna move in any direction that could involve a draft to cover all the bases. I guess i would consider that WW3 so maybe our versions of WW3 are different. I also have my suspisions that Iran is just a piece of a larger battle plan that could at one point infringe on other superpowers like China and instead of open war with them wede be fighting proxy wars with 'terrorists' that are in all actuality funded by other super powers interests.
  10. China was part of the "major powers" that drew up these plans... Who else in the region needs to be "set off" by this powder keg? We already have presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and none of the other Arab countries would be dragged into this, half are too dependent on us, the others aren't capable of fighting.

    And what do larger powers like China have to do with terrorism in the Middle East? Are you suggesting a proxy situation with terrorists would be ran behind the scenes by the Chinese/Russia who have nothing to do with this terrorism or its motivations?
  11. This kind of arrogance absolutely disgusts me. It literally makes me see red that these yankee dickclowns, who own more nuclear weapons than the globe combined, have any right to go reprimanding people over their tiny nuclear weapons programs. Who says it's any safer for the US to have nukes than Iran, or that the US is a 'responsible' country and thus should own nukes while Iran isn't... Ask an Iranian if they are more worried about their countries weapons or US nuclear weapons. Ask anyone in that region and you'll probably get a similar response, the response being "This is a country that has declared war on our populations because we're 'terrorists', this is a country that has ruined two neighbouring countries. We are absolutely more afraid of US terrorism and their nukes than our countries nukes..." Once again, the USA has proved that it is a hypocritical, arrogant, inconsiderate and EVIL bully, and a mentally challenged one at that.

    What are sanctions supposed to fucking do anyway? Haven't we learned very adequetely that PROHIBITION NEVER WORKS?! Iran will get their shit through shady black market folks, and it seems that everyone has forgotten that if Iran has trade connections to the US they are less likely to bomb them because (what a surprise!) they won't be able to get their goods as easily and the US can play the guilt/ingratitude card. These sanctions are the lead up to something big, that's the feeling I'm getting, and it's a very bad, bad feeling indeed...

    Sometimes I really wish the USA would just explode and rid the world of its pompous, militaristic and insanely dangerous presence... :cool:
  12. Its pretty obvious really. Besides, proliferation is always bad, you clearly don't understand that once a country has nukes, it will have them forever. Stopping other countries, regardless of who they are, but especially if its a violent country is important

    Of course, why would Iran be worried about their own nuclear weapons? Why would they be afraid of their own terrorists?

    You clearly don't understand sanctions. The US hasnt traded with Iran for a long time anyways. Guilt/gratitude? Are you serious right now?

  13. why are the only two options war and sanctions?

    How bout we just stop playing world police for once?
  14. Well in this case it would seem a pretty important thing to police. China and Russia seem to agree..
  15. The US is a violent country. The 'War on Terror' has seen an enormous body count, mostly hapless Afghans and Iraqis. Your country runs around pretending their the police of the world, that you need to 'protect' everyone - but who protects the Afghans, the Iraqis? It might be pretty obvious to you that the US is 'responsible', but that sentiment predictably is not held by the majority of the globe. This isn't surprsing, as the USA has destroyed the Middle East, crippled South America, and left Vietnam/Indo-China to sort out the mess that America made there.

    The USA is also most aggressive in enforcing their products, their media and basically their CULTURE upon the rest of the world too. 7 out of 10 TV shows around here are yankee drivel. All the music kids listen to is fucking American bullshit, Coke and Pepsi are everywhere and EVERY GODDAM MOVIE in the cinemas is yankee commercialist crap. Though somewhat off topic, what I'm trying to illustrate to you is that the rest of the world hates America and your countries extreme arrogance in dominating everything from culture to who has what weapons. You can't have nukes, we can. Why? Because we say so!

    To the majority of the world, it is rephrased thus;

    Of course, why would the USA be worried about their own nuclear weapons? Why would they be afraid of their own terrorists?

    Because you are not on the recieving end of the USA's militarism, you're not worried about it. You think it's responsible for the USA to have nukes. You're not afraid of your terrorist government. Ain't that a bitch?

    Sure, the guilt and ingratitiude part is probably a little bit unrealistic - I was just thinking of it in terms of people, not countries. For example, someone gives you a job even though you're not properly qualified and are down on your luck. You don't critisise your boss, because he's been kind to you. However, as I've admitted, it doesn't apply quite to so well on a national level... :D

  16. ha, dude we cant play big brother all the time. we grew up VERY QUICKLY and now some how have managed to militarily conquer the world (dont even say nu uh, that would be asinine).

    we shouldnt be allowed to stick our nose where it doesnt belong, we are a country full of hypocrites.

    "no iran you cant have nukes"
    "but you guys have them, we want them tooooo:("
    "shut the fuck up before we launch 5 at you"

    just the fact that we DO say these kinds of things is PATHETIC. who are we to say what goes? until we are being threatened i think we need to learn to sit the fuck back and realize we are on top already.

    the bigger they are the harder they fall, dont fucking forget that shit. its like half the people in the US dont remember that history repeats itself UNLESS YOU LEARN FROM IT!
  17. The war on terror would not have happened without terror.

    Who protects Afghans and Iraqis? The US... It is the insurgents that are responsible for their countrymen's death. By using those tactics and hiding behind their own people, blowing their own up.

    This is completely irrelevant. If you want to try to argue that the US, and not capitalism and globalization (which have benefited millions all over the world) is responsible for Coke and baseball being in other countries, start a different thread. It has nothing to do with the actions of the US government, but more to do with what is popular and what sells.

    Why would they? The USA hasn't threatened to wipe other countries off maps or had its leaders lead chants of "death to _______".

    Except that isn't happening, they don't talk like that, the US wouldn't nuke Iran, probably wouldn't nuke anyone.Can the same be said of Iran? Besides, again, proliferation in general is bad, let alone in the hands of such a nutso and openly violent country.
  18. And the USA has been terrorising the Middle East for long, long before 9/11... The Twin Tower bombings didn't just happen for the hell of it.

    Who tells you that? The US government?

    No, the soldiers of the USA are just as morally dubious as the insurgents, but the insurgents are more desperate. They use living human shields because they're desperate, ruthless people. The soldiers kill people by accident, 'just to be sure' - for fun even, as some claim. Basically, the insurgents are dangerous because they're so beaten down and oppressed that they don't care if they die, they don't care if other people die - they're so full of hate and passion. The USA is dangerous for a different reason. Those soldiers are stupid, pampered goons who have the upper hand and they know it. They don't care about what damage they do, they'll be going back home to the US of A soon enough. The soldiers are like spoilt, stupid kids who've been given guns and let loose on a shooting range full of people that no one will miss.

    I said the point was to illustrate the point that the rest of the world hates the USA's dominance over everything. Your culture drowns out our culture, everybodies culture. Your armies also invade other peoples lands and kill their culture more directly. And this is the point, this is why people hate your country - because they're sick of being trodden on, fired upon and being shown a complete lack of consideration and regard for what they think as nations, as opposed to what the USA thinks is best for everyone.

    Because the USA has an image to maintain. Just because they don't chant mantras of global destruction doesn't mean that they haven't imposed their doctrines and agendas on 3 different continents. Congress didn't even KNOW about the contras being aided by the US government, back in the Nicaraguan affair. The US people apparently know very little of what is happening either. The chants, the death threats, the plotting - it goes on behind closed doors. The government and military of the USA is far removed from it's people. The Iranian government and military are shrouded behind less administrative bullshit and 'confidentiality' - the leaders are shouting "DEATH TO AMERICA!" because that's what the people want. American people don't give a shit, they're too comfortable and rich to care.

    Simply put, you want to stop them bombing you? Then get the fuck out of the Middle East. They won't bomb you if you don't give them reason to bomb you, the same way they don't bomb Kenya, Nepal, Lithuania or Colombia. It's your countries aggression that has caused this hatred towards you. If you put more troops down, impose more sanctions and generally make it clear that this is what you want and fuck what they want, then they'll continue to meet your hostility with hostility. You can't fight fire with fire man...
  19. The US isn't just hiding some sort of hatred for another country or people, its just not there. The lack of leaders chanting hateful nationalism against a country and race can't be compared to an alleged ulterior motive you THINK might be there.

    There is a huge difference in terrorism and intervening in the Middle East that you are not acknowledging.

    How do I know that terrorists are responsible for their countrymen's death? Because that is the MO of terrorists. Human shields, collateral damage, and deliberately targeting civilians. Compare that to how the US military has its hands tied behind their backs by rules of engagement and common decency (for the most part, obviously there are some bad eggs).

    Where was the US military involved before the war on terror? Was the war on terror the motivation for 9/11 which caused the war on terror? US troops may have been in places in the middle east before modern age terrorism began, but it was where they were invited. Bin Laden's main problem is infidels in the hijaz. You clearly are ignorant to the motivations of terrrorism and are perhaps choosing to deny any responsibility on the part of those that actual carry out violence.

    and again, the globalization thing is irrelevant, nor the fault of anything but the almighty dollar. Maybe if Iran was the richest most powerful country in the world with the best products and ability to transport them (remember, as a private, capitalist based system) it's movies and music would be diffused across its borders. Its not the US's fault Indians like Coke or British people can't make good television.

  20. British TV is far superior to any crap the US dishes out..

    Apart from porn which the US excels at..:):smoke:

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