Major newbie mistake/need help!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by colanut, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. PLeazz Help!! Thought plant was a male, left abandoned, went back to cut it and buds everywhere, but some major yellow leaves (Outdoor plant), but buds nice and green. just white hairs, no red/yellow/purple etc.. yet. Got excited, cut 4 or 5 lower branches w/ some nice small buds (i know, Stuuu-pid!!!) Watered with very light 10-10-15 (water soluable). No tricome check, but sure it was too early in the flowering stage (guessing 3-4 weeks flowering time) Live in northeastern NC. Not much sun lately. Plenty of bud left, several upper branches intact. plant already had several yellowing, big fan leaves on it before I cut. 36 hrs later, not much more visable yellowing. Several questions:

    By cutting off several lower branches, did I kill the plant (I know, Subjective to a point)?

    Is it possible for the plant to recover?

    WHen to harvest (without tricome check), considering the above mentioned info?

    R yellowing leaves worth saving?

    ANY help gr8ly appreciated!!!!:smoke:

    Any remedies/suggestions?

  2. The yellowing leaves are normal as the plant is flowering. Cutting a few lower branches off may slow growth for a few days, but won't cause any permanent damage. Keep in mind though, that the fan leaves provide the energy the plant needs to bud, so only remove them if they are yellow/brown and dying. You will want to harvest when the trichs are about half milky and the other half clear.

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