Major League Gamers?

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  1. Does anybody here play any MLG (Major League Gaming) (Homepage | Major League Gaming) based games? Halo 3? Gears of War 2? World of WarCraft 3v3 PvP Arena? Major League Gaming is basically what it says, a gaming league where players can compete to earn "pro status" and earn thousands in cash in hopes to become "contracted players". Some have contracts over the course of 3 years to pay out $250,000 (yeah, for a video game).

    I played Halo 2 and 3 and competed in Major League Gaming tournaments for a good while throughout college.

    If anyone plays Halo 3, message me to play some so we can exchange gamertags.
  2. My friend has a contract. I believe his starting pay was about 10k and a 5k signing deal.

    He plays all the tournaments and places in the top 3 most of the time. He also has a lot of 3rd party sponsors.

    I'm not sure what his IGN name is, but hes pretty lucky to get paid to play videogames.
  3. With what league is he contracted with?
  4. I joined 2 months ago but I don't know how to start, I'm really good at halo 3. I want win some money!
  5. Send me a friend request and lets play. Ive been apart of MLG since 2005 and have been to several of their tournaments.


    Make sure to put "GC FORUMS" in the message.
  6. Alright but just letting you know that I'm not gold memeber anymore, going have to wait for awhile......
  7. I played in cal for css, its a free to play so you dont get any money but I made it to main then stopped playing. I could've joined CEVO and won money but i decided not to
  8. I play MLG all the time, I havent made it out to a tourney yet but I would love to. Hit me up, GT: FunkyNuggz
  9. I signed up and everything for CoD4 but I couldn't really figure it out, but I wouldn't mind winning some money lol
  10. you dont just sign up lol.. you go to events with a team ... but i only went to local lans because i didnt have the time to travel.. i played gears 1.. gears 2 is way to shitty lol i get bored of it way to easily

  11. exactly, I'm been trying find a team but nobody really cares.
  12. Yeah I actually just went to the Columbus event and it was sick! My GT for Halo 3 is
    ET3RNAL FORC3. Hit me up for the plylist or customs.
  13. I used to be a MLG but then i became socially active and i feel a lot happier with myself because i can cop mad pussy as opposed to my MLG days where my only friends were on xbox
  14. been involved with mlg since 05. Friends with lots of forum mods. Partied with bigsauce once. Used to play against lots of pros back in the good ol halo 2 days. Played with t2, neighbor, eli, lil poison. I could go on.

    I still play halo 2. You all should too, some customs would be sick.

    Walkerrrofl - hit me up.

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