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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RaZoR_2004, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Ok, I have a seedling under a 600W MH Retro, exhaust fan and its in a bubbler, but its only 1 1/4" tall, I have devoted alot of time into it but it just wont grow, it has many nodes, about 6 or 7..

    Its the only plant/seed I have, I have tried many different things, Rhizatonic, Fish Emulsion, Dutch grow, TNT uptake, but nothing seems to work.... can anyone suggest something???
  2. whats your pH? you should prolly be around 5.8 if youre bubbling, Unoit may be of some help to you if he see's this post, grOwer also.
  3. HIGH All, yes what's the PH?

    How old is this plant that we've been giving Rhizatonic, Fish Emulsion, Dutch grow, TNT uptake to it? The best thing is use one fert for your baby.

    Are the roots hitting the solution? What's the temp of the solution? Let us know a bit more.

    Edit: Ok been reading more of your you All know how much reading we do *LOL*...sometimes the brain hurts...going for a hit..right back.
  4. I havent got a clue yet, i havent got my pH metre yet, im sure its not too high because i watered it with egg shell soaked water (soak the shells in water and then strain them out( because of the high calcium in egg shells))

    the roots are very long (about 15-20cm) and the hit the solution and are starting to bulk up this morning. *not all of them are white as snow either, some are an off whiteish colour.... is that bad?

    it had a mass growth spurt over the last 24hrs...
  5. Well I took them out of the pot it was in and drilled a few holes in an ice cream container and then i transplanted it, i was greeted with a surpries when i uncovered the roots, lots of new ones growing in all the wrong directions, so i put it in the ice cream container bumped up the nutes a bit(it has anti shock and stress thingies in it....) all those roots that i found where nice n white as snow though.. :D

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