Major foreign holders of U.S. treasury securities as of April 2011

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  1. Educating those who don't know?

    I created this thread because someone posted in another thread that China owns $14 trillion of the U.S. debt, I LOL'd a bit, then i decided to make this thread.
  2. Could you help me make sense of this a little more?
    What exactly are "foreign holders of treasury securities"?
    And what does this have to do with your national debt? The grand total is not 14 trillion.
  3. i LOVE how the middle eastern countries are OIL EXPORTERS.

  4. As of May 2011, the U.S. debt is at $14.3 trillion, this includes both the public debt and the treasury securities held by foreign countries.

  5. So this is basically a list of how much the US owes all these countries?

    Everyone should watch this and pay attention!
    Its kinda slow at the begining but SERIOUSLY watch this. The US is screwed no matter what we do now. And u can thank obama for speeding up the process with the bank bailouts.
  7. So I know I'm going to sound ignorant but how does this negatively effect us, I'm guessing it means we owe more money to foreign countries than our GDP? or whatever I'm no good economically lol
  8. Yes. US national debt is owned predominantly by China, Japan, UK, and major Arab oil suppliers, in other words; Asian economies.

    The big problem now for all these countries is the Federal Reserve pursuing a policy of weakening U.S. currency; weaker dollar.

    For example;


    Now bare in mind that the U.S. also own debt in all these countries as well, question is how much of it do they own? What will that means when the U.S. government defaults on its debt by 2012?
  9. U.S. GDP for 2010 was $14.6 trillion.

    U.S. DEBT for 2011 is $14.3 trillion.

    98% of total GDP.
  10. looks like interest rates are going to hike soon.

    time to short commodities.
  11. not trying to be one of those "heeyyy maann let's legalize weeeddd mannn" people but if u look at it seriously... if we taxed and regulated marijuana like alcohol, bring back the hemp industry which would hurt the timber industry at first but if they switched over to hemp it would make them more money in the long run and the epa wouldn't be all over their ass for cutting down trees, plus we would be able to start exporting goods again bringing in more money to the us, decriminalize(not legalize) all other drugs and send those ppl to rehab instead of wasting all that money on the prision system, and get rid of all those govt agencies and programs that do nothing but gobble up more tax money that we don't need to be spending... I really think we would be able to fix our financial crisis. But will it happen? Probably not. After all these years of prohibition, the govt ain't gona admit they were wrong about all of this, and I'm not too sure they even want the problem fixed in the first place... economic collapse would be the perfect oppourtunity for globalization. Everyone has been talking about 2012 being the end of the mayan calender, end of the world, end of civilization etc but I think it was a prediction of what is happening right now and what is going to happen with our govt structure when this all blows up. "A change in concsiousness" is what I remember reading about 2012 so its either gona be globalization because all the sheeple are too stupid to wake up, or the ppl are finally gona wake up (change in concsiousness) and do something about this.

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