Major Electrical emergency - Please help

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by bigslick7878, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Just had multiple circuits all blow at the same time. I turned the microwave on and about 3 circuits blew from what I can tell. Flipped all the breakers and nothing still. Have some still working but not many. Checked all GFI's everything nada.
    I am in crisis mode now, what the hell could have possibly happened?? I am renting this house and can't call the landlord obv, have no money to fix anything so I am going to have to figure it out myself. I can get by running extension cords everywhere but basically half of the 3 floor house has no power. I had all the circuits marked from a previous experiment so I know it is at least 3 separate ones if not more (prob more because I just tested my flower room and that is gone too, so 1-5 I have marked are all done). I have a regular box and a sub panel because there is a kitchen addition that was built.
    I mean could I have fried something?? Could I have completely blown a main (like the 30 or 40 amps at the top of the box and that is why there are multiple circuits out? I have no idea, I am pretty handy but I am no electrician. Is it even possible to have a faulty breaker go up like that?
    I am so screwed. Please help.

  2. you have multiple fuse/breaker boxes. find them all.
  3. Unplug your lights, turn off everything on that/those circuits wait a few minutes then flip them on.
  4. Like cball said, find all the panel boxes. Check the main in each one. It sounds like one of the main legs tripped. You normally have two 110V legs coming into a panel. They split and each feed half the circuits in the panel. It's tripped if the breaker switch is in the middle between on and off.
  5. check the breaker that feeds your subpanel. It should be a double breaker.
    Do you have a volt meter? can you take pics of the panels?

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  6. I have flipped every single breaker in both boxes 3 separate times. It isn't doing anything. I made sure nothing was plugged in so it wasn't flipping again before I could check the circuits (I have to go outside to get to my fusebox, it is a separate basement/crawl space it is in)
    Pretty sure I lost a "leg" coming into the meter off the pole. This would explain why my 220v dryer is not working, and I have pretty much exactly half the house without power. This looks like the a power company issue, calling them tomorrow to get them out here.
    It should also be noted that my power was just restored at about 12 pm yesterday after being out for 2 days due to an ice storm. We had over 150k people without power it was real bad. Trees and lines down everywhere. I am betting it is no coinicdence if it is one of the outside lines that went bad or is damaged.
    I am only slightly panicking now. But it really sounds like this is an outside issue with one of the legs, that is what all the evidence is pointing to. Fingers crossed.
  7. If the problem is upstream of the meter, the power company should take care of it. If it's down stream it's not their problem. Do you have fuses or a breaker at the meter can? If it's a breaker, make sure it's not tripped. If it's a fuse, you'll need a meter to test it.

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