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!!!!Major Draught!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokintilchokin, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. Here I am In st. Louis. And the whole city is dry. Apparently there has been some big DEA busts recently and NO ONE HAS ANYTHING. I'm dying over here. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  2. SC to man
  3. north florida is dry too, whatever we can get from Miami is being taxed like a m0f0 ($25 for a gram of dank)
  4. Yup, the tri countie's around detroit, I'm still able to score danks here and there, but no one has seen mids in ages.

    And the DEA has put up billboards next to the highway that reads "You think its dry now wait till next month - DEA". Scary shit, anyone else seen these?
  5. i have had some friends tell me about these billboards.. Its been really dry here. Im about 3hrs south of chicago.. and it was dry for about 3 weeks straight.. We have started to kinda get back into things but the only reason for that is its about the time everyone is harvesting.. I bet winter will be a bitch..
  6. about the billboards, we got'em too! ours say "you think its dry now wait untill december" hhhm.
    i have a teeny tiny idea'bout this but i hope im WAY off,.
  7. all is good on my end of the world(canada). no billboards or dryin out here. as far as i know anyhow. good luck i hope u find some ganja!
  8. Yeah, Most of virginia Has been dry. Things are getting better though.
  9. it's been "dry" here... kinda... only people who don't know the right people can't find the buds :) lol... IIII on the otherhand have been quite un-dry :)
  10. Hey man,
    Sorry to hear about all the shit happin out there. Im from northern NY, and we aint got no problems here man. We got so many growin it and shit comin from Canada , there aint no worries cept border patrol hittin crops n all. Sorry about your cituation man. Those billboards must suck too guys.
    Good luck you guys!
  11. I'm sittin here in east PA and i'm not having any luck scoring anything other then KB or dro, which isn't a problem cept on the wallet. I haven't seen a good bag of mids in almost 2 months.

  12. i'm beginning to feel the effects of this drought... starting to suck :(
  13. in PA, closer to the lancaster area, everything is dry. so dry im getting cottinmouth. If you want something, people will only sell stuff in wieght, and being a highschool student, i have little to spend. I hope that the weed fairy drops a fricken pound under my pillow sometime soon cause im freakin out. People with cars drive to Maryland and Delaware cause there are people still selling 1/8th and shit. Man this sucks
  14. In Chicago, this place must be ground zero to the draught. Only thing in sight is the dro and dank, which go for $20. Nothing can be found cheaper then this, which sorta sucks alot. I heard it was from some sort of bust, and i remember a few weeks ago about some bust from the chicago police, the biggest marijuana bust in its history. I think that has something to do with the draught. Well, guess we gotta survive on the expensive supply. I think im gonna start trying some salvia or somthin, otherwise the last resort is the dirt weed.

  15. yeah in chicago there was 600 lbs busted..
  16. the buds are back! THEY'RE BACK! and i'm very stoned at the moment... "why?" you ask? well, you see, the answer is very simple. it all began this morning when my foster brother (and smoking buddy/co-worker) got some good... GOOD danks... we then proceeded to pack a few bowls... ahhh... the sweet taste of danks. we've only had skunks here for a while, so the danks were a nice treat. our dealer called ant and was like "yo, i'm back in business, and i got some good ass buds" (he's been dry for the last couple weeks due to the drought). but anywayz, after packing several of these bowls the THC had been going to work on our brains for quite some time :) and that's why i'm here now... lol, i forgot what i was talking about ::checks top of post:: oh yeah... the buds are back... ::does really happy that the buds are back dance:: tomorrow morning before work we're taking some res hits from ant's bowl... these will be for everyone at the city! :)

  17. finally in chicago, specialties aren't the only thing available anymore ($20 - gram usually dro, dank, blue, widow, etc). One my boys had 3 nicks of mids, the $10 dime sh't thats been gone because of the draught/drug bust. Im so glad cuz damns, love the dank and shit, but sometimes I only have ten and its a bitch to come up with the other half, plus finding someone with this homegrown goodness.

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