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Major downers to smoke with.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SixtyEight, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Has anybody smoked with somebody who has reallllllly brought down their high? Any stories?

    This one time I was smoking with my friend, and he wanted donuts from this local donut shop, but I didn't wanna drive all the way over there. He then began to throw a temper tantrum, saying he was gonna leave, and wouldn't stop bitching about it like a little kid. I even offered to take him to Duncan Donuts because it was closer, but that wasn't good enough because it didn't have the same type of donut that the local place has. My other friend couldn't even believe how immature he was acting.
  2. Ive been around a few people like that, none of my close friends though, luckily. I once smoked with this girl that got really high off a few hits, and wouldnt stop telling everyone in the room that she doesnt smoke that much. Literally, every 5 minutes she would be like... "hey guys, i dont smoke that much." shit was a buzz kill
  3. I had this friend who was a mind fuck.

    It is literally almost unexplainable.

    In short he abused amphetamines and went schizophrenic.

    Now he is in prison for 2 years.
  4. one time me and a few friends were gonna smoke up a kid for the first time but before we even went out to smoke he had a like panic attack and refused to smoke with us.

    we still got high but him being there was kinda a buzzkill
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    Some people are just plain boring to smoke with. I have a friend who I don't hang out with much these days who just sits, doing nothing hardly even talking. When he does talk he complains about how he's not very stoned. It's just boring and stupid.

    Yeah I can relate, when one member of the group is sober they buzzkill everything just with their presence.
  6. I only go to these threads to see how I shouldn't act :laughing:
  7. i was goin to go smoke in the bathroom of my friends house
    and my best friend doesnt smoke or rarley does
    so he was playing xbox and i get up and he said "ya man lets go smoke some weed"
    so i was a little surprised cuz i always asked him and he never does so i guess i was happy cuz i finnaly got somebody to smoke with
    he said he wanted to start the joint so i let him
    the next thing he does is stick half the joint in his mouth and light it he gets like 2 hits and gives it to me drenched it spit
    so i was like "fuck this" and walked out cuz that was the last of my weed
    then when he came out he said "im not even high"
    and he really wasnt he was normal as fuck
    so i never smoke with him any more
  8. One of my friends who I smoke with quite a bit is always argumentative as fuck. Which isn't good when we're stoned, because I get sucked in to debates over the DUMBEST shit ever without realizing how silly it is.Oh well he's aight. I wish I had a better variety of people I knew to blaze with.
  9. Like Permafade said, people who argue/debate. I had a friend who would question everything you said. I mean everything. Everyone got sick of it and would repeatedly call him out on it. We eventually stopped toking with him.

    I will argue/complain if I don't like something. Like my friends all decide on a movie and I don't want to see it. I tell them I'd rather see something else but they won't budge, so I just leave, no biggie. Same thing with food in general. I am pretty picky when it comes to eating at certain places, so I just dip and grab something for myself. None of my friends really have a problem with it. I just let them know that I'm not down for that, and if they don't change their mind I am not going to waste my money to be apart of a "group". Gotta stand up for yourself.

    People who only think of the negative side of things/talk about all their problems. I can stand it for a while but I like to talk about tv, movies, anime, etc when I am high. Any conversation that is funny/stimulating. Debates aren't cool when I'm high, but a discussion is, there is a difference.
  10. haha one of my friends when he gets too high, he starts acting like a cat, it's really weird. We smoked 3 bowls once and he was like i swear having a seisure or something and being really weird and loud and then he argues with me about EVERYTHING I SAY also.. so fuckin annoying. Me and my friends usually just tell him to go home when he gets that high
  11. Seems like you should meet people that are just naturally "cool" and laidback, I don't complain in general because I just want to get high, enjoy the euphoria of Mary and where she takes me.
  12. You should have gave him a good spankin since he was acting like a kid.
  13. Had a girlfriend who would smoke with me. But she always brought up depressing shit to talk about. Like marriage. HA
    but seriously...
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    a couple days ago I was chilling with some people, smoked about 8 bowls and was stoned out of my mind. it was time to leave and this dude asked me to drop him off at his place cus he lived 'right down the street'. I was hesitant but my friend who was driving with me made me feel like a bitch so I agreed.

    immediately after pulling out of the parking lot, he gave me wrong directions. I was like pretty annoyed but was just like okay dude make sure you know where we're going..

    keep in mind it was 3 fucking am and there were cops everywhere.

    that mother fucker who I admittedly thought was a cool, friendly dude, gave me wrong directions literally about 12 times. like okay you're fucked up but fucking really? my friend nicknamed me 'queen u-turn' because of how many times that dude would to 'omg oops it's actually the other direction sry I'm so bad w directions lol oops'.


    I ended up getting home at 5 after leaving the original place at 3. two fucking hours spent goin to his house that was 'down the street'. my dad was pissed and now I'm grounded.

    that was the biggest downer on my high I have ever experienced.

    I used this thread to vent, apologies
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    Redirect to "worst people to smoke with" thread

    my answer:

    everyone at my old snobby white bred high school. whining about how allowance is only $20 a week, saying bro a lot, debating about the best vitamin water flavor, flipping hat sideways and calling everyone faget... Retards, and my parents moved so i could go to a 'better' school. Glad those days are over..
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    [quote name='"TheCrunge"']I only go to these threads to see how I shouldn't act :laughing:[/quote]

    So you're that friend

    Last time you're nice enough to give someone a ride
  17. My Sister Fucked Me Over
    Alright, I had tickets to the Midnight release of Batman(Last Week)...
    I decide to getting pretty stoned to first of all enjoy the movie but so I could relax and help my back(those chairs suck & I'm only 18!). So I just picked up a zip and a new beaker bong... Smoked a bunch and chilled at a fire. Left my buddies place about 10 minutes late. My sister flips shit on me once we get inside for being late and supposedly putting us in the back of the line...I personally had no clue what the fuck was happening to be honest... anyway, it just fucked over my high and getting me all pissed. I at the McDs she snuck in for me and then I had such a headache I slept for half the damn movie(in the second row of an IMAX theater)... It was such a buzzkill but she apologized for her actions so we are all cool and going to see it again next week, I guess I will set an alarm this time...

    Sorry if this is poorly written, I am prettty stoned right now.
  18. yeah once and made sure it never happened again.

    smoking with some friends and a new girl comes along (dont really like her, but shes friends with some other people im with so whatever) Honestly, she took like 4 hits and started complaining and just being a whiney bitch. I couldn't take it so I left to go lay down and take a nap (what I do when a high just isn't living up to my expectations)
  19. Yeah I hate when my mother visits randomly when I'm high as fuck, shit murders my high.
  20. I feel you man, I would've done the same thing.

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