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  1. I consider myself Christian in that I believe there is a god,I try to act as Christ-like as I can and I do think that Jesus was sent from God.

    But then they say, If your not Christian you don't go to heaven.
    That makes me question my faith. Like how can they say that folks like ghandi and that other dude don't go to heaven, but apparently Hitler does (But the jews he killed don't)

    I'm trying to think of a way that this can all be, it doesn't make sense to me. Maybe someone can explain, but I keep hearing "Sorry bro, thats the rule" (they also tend to add in that they don't think Hitler got into heaven because he committed unforgivable crimes)

    also please don't open this up with "Its because your religions Bullshit!" I happen to like my religion i just have issues with that one part.
  2. as i see it, that's kinda the difference between faith and religion.

    religion may be going to church, confession, praying and listening to sermons in a stuffy church.

    faith may be the understanding that comes from going to church, praying and listening to sermons in a stuffy church.

    they are closely tied together but not exclusive. one can have faith in god without being religious and one can be religious without having faith in god (or any deity for that matter.)

    as for other faiths being "cast down unto hell" well, i can't help but see that as simply a manner of keeping the "flock" in line...

    keep reading the bible if you're so inclined but be aware of what it is you're reading. understand the historical environment in which it was written and when you come across something that doesn't feel right, mull over it. try and figure out why it's said there. also keep in mind, however, that the bible as it is now is nothing like the bible as it was in 100 CE. the "curse of the scribes" is such that for every iteration and writing of the passages, there's bound to be something lost or muddied from the current environment and personal biases of those that would transcribe it. consider, the king james version says "though shalt not suffer a witch to live" and earler versions say Poisoner (not witch.) in the time of the King james version as it was being written, there was the circulation of the malleus malificarum, the inquisition, the land-grab by the vatican, etc... basically, the bible as i see it was translated to reflect the selfishness and hatred of the time. (though, that's not to say that it's all bunk, just means you have to be on your proverbial toes while reading it.)

    though, these are only my thoughts on the matter, your mileage may vary. but above all, don't be afraid to think critically about what it is you're reading and don't be afraid to listen to your intuition as to wether a passage feels correct or not.
  3. I'm no Christian (although I used to be), but I believe people who make statements like these are either kooky fundies or they don't really understand the teachings of Jesus (or perhaps both). Don't waste your time with people who pretend to know matters of another world.
  4. I suppose your first mistake would be measuring the validity of something based on what others tell you rather than your own reason. I believe they are getting this notion from the Bible, but even if it does say in the Bible that you must "accept Christ" to go to "heaven", realize that the Bible has gone through many translations and the KJV is more of a Masonic Bible than a Christian Bible.

    Hey, maybe you do have to "accept Christ" to go to "heaven"... does this mean that the English language is really so important to you being sent to heaven? What I'm saying is that other people may accept everything the Biblical Jesus represents in their own way, but just not identify it with Christianity.

    Religions are made by man, not God. God doesn't choose to reveal himself through a certain group of men who made a religion. What kind of benevolent God has the entire world population that isn't Christian go to "hell" just by happenstance of where they were born? It isn't even something that they choose. Religions are different paths to the same thing, and the sooner you realize that they all have validity in their own way the faster you'll be walking.

  5. yeah that was one major thing that turned me away from organized religon. It's so judgmental.

    Even though organized religions say you must be of certain faiths and not sin, If there is a heaven Gandhi is there taking bong rips!
  6. It's a very simple answer. If the people in control of the religion say that in order to go to heaven all you have to do is be a good person, people will just be good people. If they say in order to go to heaven, you must associate yourself with "their" religion, people will associate themselves with their religion, and that is what they want...more people under their control=more power to them. That is why there are about 2 BILLION Christians in the world.
  7. If you don't believe what your religion has to say then how can you be said to believe in it?

    The exclusivity of religions like Christianity and Islam, where the most important factor isn't how good you are, it's whether you called God by the right name or not and worshiped him using the correct rites, really turns me off from organized religion. I thought part of the value of religion was in inspiring people to do good, but ultimately that becomes subservient to the dogma of "convert or fry in hell".

    I would go heterodox if I was in your shoes.
  8. You can't argue logic with religion, don't worry, you'll grow out of Christianity if you haven't been brainwashed to much already.

  9. Well said Tyro!

    - Easter Bunny
    - Tooth Fairy
    - Boogie Man
    - Santa Clause
    - J.Christ

    Look to the Sun for answers is my advice for all, Look within your self and realize that everything is everything, Ahhhhhhhhhh Life :D

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