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Major 15 day old seedling issues please help and diagnose!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gasconade, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    • coco/perilite 50-50 mix
    • seedling is 15 days old its had two 3 total feeds on nutes first 2 1/4 strength and third feed 1/2 strength.
    • using bio nova mineral/organic fertilizers.
    • 600 watt hps on 18/6
    temps recently been quite high due to hot weather where I am from and humidity has also been an issue struggling to keep above 45%! Was good until two days ago when I switched on the 600 watt hps from the 65 watt cfl!!!

    I only changed due to very slow growth!

    Other option is I am completely tripping and this shit is fine :)

    Please I appreciate any help and any information I am a perfectionist and I only do the best I can!

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  2. Look's like it's not getting enough oxygen to the root zone. Probably overwatering. Use large chunk perlite and you won't have that issue.
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  3. Hey really appreciate the message.
    Large chunk perilite? My medium comes pre-mixed jut coco and perilite 50/50.
    Should I ann some extra perilite to the medium that I will transplant this into as soon as that 4th set of true leaves pops through?
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  4. It's not going to hurt it and will help with drainage.
  5. That. :)
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  6. You're tripping man! seedlings look really good, sit back and be patient man. You have a really good setup that has great potential to grow some dank bud
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  7. I am about 75% sure that it's ok! Hopefully cross my fingers lol
  8. Just keep feeding every day and never let it dry out. Watch for cal or mag deficiency and enjoy the amazing growth of coco.
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  9. Feed every day? I think they are too young for that and it will create some much unneeded problems with the moisture in the lower levels of the pot
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  10. If you’re in coco, then feed everyday, depending on the size of the pot. Keep it small. I sprout in solo cups, then transplant into one gallon for the remainder of the grow. When they are sprouts it’s maybe every other day or so, but two weeks from seed and those cups are full of roots. That’s the benefit of coco. Soil growers feed higher ppm about once a week. Coco growers, lower ppm, and multiple feeds per day. My girls in flower get 3-4 feeds at about 500 ppm every day depending on what stage they are in. Veg is twice a day after about 4 weeks from seed.
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  11. Today is the 15/16th day along. My branches and stem are starting to turn purple. This is along with brown spots and tips of leaves burning doesn't sound good to me. I think If I fed it everyday it would die. I am currently on half the nutes I am supposed to be giving it according to the specified chart and it's gaining growth but I feel as I am sitting on border line. I feed every 3 days
  12. Early indication of the most common deficiency you’ll deal with in coco. Magnesium. If you aren’t supplementing cal mag yet, better pick some up. Especially if not using coco specific nutrients. A foliar spray with 1/2 tsp of Epsom salts will help too. Do what you want with my advice. Check out my journal to see the results.
    Soil2Coco’s Indoor Multi Strain Journal
  13. I don't think suggesting watering and feeding your plant every day to a newer grower is wise. I tried the whole daily routine and ended up with waterlogged plants. I'm sure it works in some instances.
  14. Do what you guys want. It’s almost impossible to overwater coco, especially if in Tupur, which is mixed with perlite. I’m even feeding some in 3 gallons that will veg longer than usual every day. @MickFoster how often do you feed once roots are established?
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  15. I completely agree that with the right setup you can feed every day. I have talked to Mick about this a lot.For newer growers, you are just setting them up for failure. That's just my opinion and my experience. Clothe pots I'm sure would help with runoff and obviously perlite.
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  16. You've asked for advice and been given good sound advice by Soil2Coco, but apparently you know better. You're in a 50/50 coco/perlite mix - it's impossible to over water. You're not in soil my friend - it's drain to waste hydroponics. I feed every day from sprout to run off with 1/4 strength nutes pH'd to 6.0.
    This plant is 4.5 weeks from sprout and it was fed every day. Good luck.
    4.5 weeks.JPG
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  17. 1. Transplant
    2. Add more perlite
    3. Smoke some reef to relax
    4. Keep up the good work

    Check out my baby girl she’s at 16 days today: [​IMG]

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  18. Thanks for all the comments fellas, I will supplement with some Cal-Mag I will pick up on the weekend and mix in extra coco for my transplant.
    My water is always phd to 5.9 currently on half strength nutes.
    I will feed every two days reduced from 3 and see how it reacts to a feed very two days.
    I will add an extra fan for increased air movement.

    Please take into consideration that it's under a 600 watt HPS at 1 meter away at the moment and the heat is nicely felt by the plant leaf level.

    By the way it's not that I know better, I have done extensive research and everybody grows differently in different environments and different nutes. So not everyone is right or wrong to be fair everyone may be right in their own circumstances but in others possibly not
  19. Good luck. :)
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    Coco noob, checking in. If you did that much research you'll know that Coco is a hydro medium. That much is fact and not opinion.

    No need to transplant, sounds like it's both starving and showing calcium deficiency.

    I water/feed twice a day now. I don't see how it would be possible to have waterlogged plants in Coco. It drains, unlike soil.

    The opposite holds true though, the worst thing I did was allowing the the Coco to dry out early on. At this point in my grow I cannot go a day with no feeding or it will dry out and the plant will see damage.

    Feed your plant, I'm betting your problems are due to lack of nutrients.

    Do your pots have good drainage? Are you watering to runoff each time?

    Edit again: maybe you need to transplant to a bigger container if you want to grow a bigger plant. I'm in 2.5 liter hempy buckets which are small, but I have a small space and can't grow big bushes. It's perfect for me. I suggest hempy buckets unless you won't be able to top feed every single day for the life of the plant, at which point you should set up some sort of automated drip system or some other drain to waste setup. Because you'll need to feed it daily. Notice I emphasized feeding daily ;)
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