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MajicBunnie's Marijuana Reviews **Many Strains, Updated Often**"

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by majicbunnie, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Trust me go with the hindu im in rva and i grabbed some hindu a few nights ago that was fireeeee. just me 2 cents :D
  2. Vote counted, thanks for stopping by alltimehigh :) I like to get people involved, try to keep it interesting and such haha.

    Haha, alright cool, vote counted. Thanks for stopping by and voting :)

    Hi there, greengirl. :wave: Vote counted and of course, thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, this bud is quite interesting really. The smell is actually incredible and very unique, I am very excited about this strain. Vote counted and thanks for stopping in.

    Vote counted, good to see another va user on this thread, thanks for voting.:wave:

    Keep those votes coming, this is a special one. We are having a little smoke party tonight so whichever wins, we will be able to get everyones opinion on it, not just mine/roomies as per usual.
  3. Since Hindu Kush won the voting, here is the review, thank to those who voted.

    Name: Hindu Kush

    Looks: Very covered in gold kief. Small, dense nuggets that are very sticky; breaking apart this bud is like playing with glue. The bud itself is light green and the hairs it does show are dark orange in color.

    Smells: Signature kush smell with a hint of pine.

    Tastes: The taste is very nice, produced a nice cool, smooth hit out of the bong. I was able to take some nice big rips out of the bong on this and it was really pleasant.

    Buzz: Very strong. We did some videos of bong rips from this last night and hell, that's about all I can tell you. I think I did 2 or 3 pretty big rips and my night is a complete blur. I had the other people in the room write down some of the things we felt so we could remember and report on it, here's what was written:
    'left leg flips out'
    'unbelievably peaceful'
    'floating body' (that one was me, I was laying down on the bed and it was almost as if I couldn't feel anything around me aside from my body, like I was just floating there)
    'very hungry'
    'paranoia' (they wrote that down because we heard sirens in the distance and could have sworn they were outside storming the building, embarrassing, I know, but I like to give an accurate report, haha)

    Overall Grade: A+








    I have nothing bad to say about this bud, if you need a strong, medicinal indica high: THIS BUD IS FOR YOU.

    -bunnie out.
  4. Legendary.
  5. One of the finest strains of all time!!
  6. Haha yeah man, this bud was pretty epic.

    Can't disagree there, this was one of the best highs I have ever had.
  7. I guess I will open this up to some voting again, the remaining strains are:

    1) Dutch Passion, new batch

    2) Green Cream

    3) Green Crack

    4) Haze-like 'dro'.

    Leave a comment with your vote or anything else you might have to say.
  8. Green Crack for sure :). you won't be dissapointed
  9. Gotta do that Green Crack!!

  10. Thanks for voting guys, just posting this to let everyone know green crack won and the review will be up shortly.
  11. ell yea man.
    green crack has one of the most distinct smells ive had in a while :D
    pretty sure you will know what im talking about
  12. Yeah man, this green crack smells delicious. It's also really interestingly developed, really cool to look at.
  13. Before the green crack review, here are some of the new things in the land of the bunnie:

    A salad of some strains which have yet to be reviewed. Also, I notice the bud in front looks moldy in the pictures which is strange. I examined it after taking these and it was not, just the appearance in the picture.




    The new slide from Kulture in Richmond, VA. Blown by John The Glass Fish, it caught my eye and I was hooked.




  14. Split the post up because of the amount of pictures involved.

    The new sharpstone grinder from Kulture. Was time to upgrade, and I love it.



    The new pipe, also from Kulture:






  15. Just letting you all know, I'm going to do something a little different for this review. I have already smoked this bud so I know what it's about, but I think I am going to session and write the review while high. This could go one of two ways: On one hand it may work out very well and I will be able to give a very accurate description of the exact feelings, taste, etc etc as it is happening. On the other hand, I may get too baked to be coherent and the review may turn out awful. If that's the case, i will re-write it tomorrow while no longer being high.

    On a second note, does anyone know what's going on with thread titles? Mine has been stuck on NEW: Hindu Kush since I posted that review a while back. It seems cached, but it is not on my end, has GC changed something w/ thread titles recently?
  16. #176 majicbunnie, Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2010
    Posting this here once, for those of you who may not be aware of it. There is an irc chat that is being started by a few users from gc. However, I will say this clearly: This chat is in NO WAY affiliated with grasscity - the forum or the store - in any way whatsoever. It is a completely independent chat run on a global irc server (quakenet) I am just letting you all know because, as you may know some of us, you may be interested in chatting up while not posting. The next post is the how-to I wrote up for the other location to detail how to chat for those who don't know.
  17. IRC Chat Instruction guide:

    If you think you will be chatting often or just like to have preferences saved for you, I suggest the first tutorial, otherwise, if you just would like to stop by once in a blue moon, the second.

    ***Tutorial to download mIRC to chat***

    1) Go to mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client

    2) Click download mirc

    3) Follow the links to download the installer, and then run it.

    4) Standard installation is fine, just click next, next, next until the installer has run through and completed successfully.

    5) Run the newly installed mirc. If you did not install to desktop, you can find mirc by going to Start -> All Programs -> Mirc -> Mirc (Double click)

    6) If the box 'About mIRC' comes up, click continue on it.

    7) A box should come up with fields like 'full name', 'email address', 'nickname' and 'alternative' fill these out as follows:

    Full Name: You can put anything here, it really isn't used unless people right click your name and look up information, i just put 'majicbunnie'

    Email Address: Also not really used, put whatever you want

    Nickname: This will be your name in the chat, put your gc username so we know who you are!

    Alternative: If the nickname you listed is already in use, your alternative will be your name in the chat.

    (You only have to fill out this info the first time, after that it will already be done for you)

    8) Click Ok and the box should close

    9) Now you should see two white boxes, a long one down the left and one in the middle that can be minimized, maximized or closed. The left side keeps track of the channels you are in (you can join more than one). The center box is the chat window, maximize it as that's where you will be chatting.

    10) The section at the bottom of the window you just maximized is where you type, the rest is where everyones text will show up.

    11) Type EXACTLY THIS into the area where you may type in the chat window (where (hit enter) obviously means hit the enter key):

    /server irc.quakenet.org (hit enter)

    **let it load, you will see a lot of text flash by, its not important, just server welcome messages, rules, etc. When it stops, complete the next step**

    /join #chronic.chat

    12) That's it, you will now see the conversation going on between the other members and be able to contribute on your own.

    ***Tutorial to use webchat for those who don't wish to download a program***

    1) Go to QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc)

    2) Fill in Nickname: This is the name you will be using in the chat, use your gc username so we know who you are!

    3) Fill in Channels: This is the channel to join, type in '#chronic.chat'

    4) Hit 'connect', this will join you into the chat and you will be able to see our conversation + type what you would like to say in the bottom.

    That's all, I'll be there all day trying to get a legitimate chat set up, join up so it can be established.

    Send this to anyone/everyone who needs help and wants to join.
  18. Great thread, I play poker so much better when I'm high haha, love it. Also, I was just looking for a stoner IRC, so +rep for that xD

  19. HMM, where in VA? The bud you describe sounds exactly like what my connect has... Looks the same too...

  20. Haha, same, I love playing at that perfect high. Glad to see you hopped on the chat too :)

    Haha, well, I'm in Farmville, VA. I suppose it's possible your connect has the same bud, but it is exceedingly unlikely, the bud is not from VA. Either way, good to see another VA member repping. :wave:

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