Maintenance guys left door wide open.

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  1. I want to now if I'm over reacting or not. I also want to point out that my apartment complex is suppose to be luxury apartments with such fantastic maintenance staff.

    I live in an apartment complex and about 2-3 weeks ago management put a flyer notifying everyone that in a couple days their will be contractors in our building to paint the door to our apartments. Saying that our doors would be unlocked and propped open while they painted. Then closed and locked back up once the paint dried. They also said that they were hiring a security company to watch our doors while they were unlocked. The morning they started to do this i was getting ready to leave when one of the contractors unlocks my door and comes walking right inside my apt but is met by my dog barking at him. Being scared, he runs out the door (she's wasn't near him and across the room BTW). Before i leave i lock my dog in the her crate since their going to be opening my door. I lock my door and leave, i figure they can unlock it when their ready.
    I came home around 5-530pm to my door unlocked and propped open. No one was watching the door while it was unlocked like they said was going to happen. I left the door propped open so i could see how soon they were going to return or how long they were going to leave my door unlocked for. I waited like 2 hours and i decided to shut and lock it. I was a bit irritated that they left my door unlocked and unattended. Even though they said that a security company was going to be watching the doors, i figured they were just saying it anyways but at least expected the contractors to be around and lock back up when they were done.

    I didn't bother saying anything to the leasing office because i just figured they were going to give me some BS excuse. But last week i was sitting at my computer desk which is like 8 feet from my front door. Around 9am i hear someone put a key into my door and i turn around expecting to see my GF coming home early from work. As soon as the key entered the door my dog starts barking, i thought it was weird because she never barks when my GF comes home. While my dog is still barking, i hear the key get pulled out of the door and someone walking away from the door from their heavy feet. I quickly get up, open the door and see who it was. I see one of the guys who works in the office walk through the door entering our hallway and watch him exit the building and get in his golf cart and drive away. I didn't know why i didn't say anything before he left the building but i guess i was expecting someone different. When i get back inside i slowly start to get angry over it and decide to email the manager. I sent an email because i wanted documentation of my concern and their response. Ive had concerns with the maintenance staff in the past going through my stuff while no one was home and even stealing my weed and the manager at the time didn't care and wanted proof, like video proof. We have a fairly new manager that works here now so i wanted to express my concern with the maintenance guy trying to enter my apartment and how my door was left open. In hopes that this new manager cares, or acts like she does.

    She pretty much responds by saying that no one came to my door and that i must have heard them entering on the third floor ( i live on the first) and completely ignores my concern that my door was left wide open. I took this as she's pretty much calling me crazy that I'm hearing and seeing things. I sent another back wanting a reason why my door was left wide open and asked if i could put a wireless camera in the hall that faced my door so i could have proof next time. Its going on 5 days with out another response back and I'm going to head over tomorrow if i dont hear anything back. As I'm sitting here and before i head over tomorrow , I'm starting to wonder if I'm over reacting about this? Part of me thinks i am because i didn't say anything right when i found my door left open but after knowing that one of the maintenance staff tried to come into my apt and having them deny it makes me furious and it makes me more angry about my door being left open. I hate the fact that they lied and is now dodging me and really want to go over there tomorrow and see her face to face .
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  2. They're are building an underground grow op in your apartment my man. Get a clue quick or before you know it, they get sloppy and you get busted for the pounds underground's. You need a camera to catch them in the act. Now of that pats toe quality crap either. Post video here when they finess you again.
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  3. Probably someone at the wrong apartment, if it was an employee trying to get in he would probably have opened the door. Not worth the hassle of anything more than an email about the door being opened. That is bad customer service to not respond for 5 days. Also doesn't seem like she will give you free rent for the month at this point, not worth the time or energy buddy. Unless you want to yell at someone and make it awkward living there. Imo
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  4. Get a New doorknob!
    Install it yourself!
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  5. I'm not looking for any free rent or anything and I'm sure it was just a wrong apartment mistake. In the past it's happened before and they've even opened my door while I was home sitting on the couch and just go "oops wrong apartment". Supposedly there isn't any master key and they need to sign out the key that opens your door. Your probably right though. Maybe I'll send her another email back because I'd like to have permission to put a wireless camera in the hall that points at my door and only my door.

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  6. Go talk to them in person. An email doesn't express concern as well as face to face interaction.

    It's a sketchy situation all around and it would make me feel uncomfortable, the last thing I would want to feel at home. It's great that they made so much effort to prepare people for the potential inconvenience, but they also need to follow up with the company they hired to do the job. If I had employees not following direction, I would want to find the cause of the disconnect, whether it was miscommunication or an employee acting out of bounds.

    The staff member sticking a key in your door then booking it after hearing the dog is especially weird.

    Plus it's been almost a week without any kind of formal action? I understand over the weekend but it's Tuesday now..
  7. Shit maybe he booked it once he heard your dog an was like oops wrong room. When I used to clean carpets for Abacoa up a town a ways, if the maintenance staff doesn't show up we gotta start no matter what an I've walked into a couple apts "like wait a second, there's stuff in here this isn't a recently vacated apt. Oops". That stuff happens in developments like that homie. Now if they know you toke, or suspect you are timing. Fuck yeah they can and will search your apt, part of the lease agreement I think.

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  8. Dude, get a stealthy hidden camera and leave it running when you leave. I have three, they are the size of USB memory sticks withe pin hole cameras. They can run for twenty four hours on battery or indefinitely when plugged in. I use one in the front USB memory slot on my gaming rig, one in the apple USB charger I have and the third one hidden. It covers those areas where people need to walk through to get through the house.

    There is a pile (several hundred) in fake money in front of the hidden cam. That way I can get a good facial pic of any intruders. That's the trick, setting up an area where you'll get them to do what you want. You know they are greedy, you know they are thieves and you know they are in your house so use it to your advantage and set them up.

    I would most certainly get cameras because it was your dog that stopped that guy from coming in your house. I find the fact that the management company did nothing about this a huge fucking red flag. I would call corporate and let them know what happened. Thieves and murders come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Trust no one.
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  9. I usually go over in person but I've had issues in the past where the previous manager would tell me one thing but did another, then later on act like we never had the conversation or deny what she said so i wasn't sure if this new manager would do the same.

    Normally i wouldn't have acted this way about the staff putting a key in my door by accident but this isn't the first time that its happened. Ive had maintenance staff unlock and open my door before while i was home by accident and I've had contractors that they've hired as well do it and their not even suppose to handle the keys, a maintenance staff is suppose to go with them. Also they claim not to have master keys and that the keys anyone takes is signed out and signed back in. So i find it hard that those other times they opened my door was an accident. Maybe putting the key in, but not unlocking it going by their so called procedures. I originally just wanted to make sure she was aware that this has happened because i knew she's fairly new in the position. But when she started to dodge my concerns and praise her staff, it just made me furious. Which made made me over react a little and bring up things that have happened in the past before she started working here.

    She ended up emailing me back the next morning and instead of doing the emailing back and forth, i went over there. I kept my cool and told her my concerns again and she just dodged answering my concern. Saying that there was a security guard roaming the different floors, which i doubt it but my apartment is on the first floor so i didn't look on any other floors. She pretty much left it at that and couldn't explain why my door was left opened and unlocked. It was weird, she sounded concerned like i was talking to a friend or something but not concerned that her job could be on the line if it happened again and someones stuff was stolen.

    She told me that i can't put a camera in the hall facing my door, which i kinda expected any ways but decided to ask anyways for safe measure.
  10. I figured that was the case, which i can completely understand but its happened quite a few times before with them even opening my locked door while i was sitting on the couch lol

    As far as the lease agreement that i signed, I'm sure it can be different though. But mine states that they have to give you 24 hr notice to enter an apartment and you can make it so they can't until your present. Unless its an emergency like an upstairs apt leaking into yours, or something along those lines. Smoking i dont think they can, its legal in my state medically. i dont have a card but they dont know that. I use a vape pen and it actually does a good job with the smell. My neighbor says that she can't smell it in the hall or anything and doesn't even notice in my house after i get done smoking. So she says anyways.
  11. I have some wireless Arlo security cameras. I first started out with one on my patio because my GF woke up to someone going through her purse using the light of their phone. She saw him through the bedroom in the other room and woke me up. Grabbed my gun off the night stand, loaded a round in the chamber and before you know it he's running out my slider like the wind. If i didn't do that and made the noice i could have made it out there and held him there until the cops came. But no ones tried since so thats good.
    I have a second that is in the corner of my living room. You can see the whole living room, slider, front door, pretty much anyone coming in or out. I got that one when one of the maintenance staff stole my weed. I never said anything because its illegal without a med card so i just bought the second camera.

    Theres a flood light in the hall, if i take the bulb out, my camera fits inside perfect. The camera has a magnet on the back that sticks to their mounting bracket but when i put it in the flood light, it sticks to the socket so it won't fall. You dont really notice it either. Im skeptical about doing that just because if someone does see it or finds it when they go to change the bulb or something. I dont want to chance getting in trouble.
    What are these stealth cameras your talking about? Is there a website where i can look at them? Im curious if its really stealthy where no one would know but me

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