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  1. Hey guys, this might be a stupid question but i will ask it anyway lol.
    I realise that lighting creates heat but what if my lights are not warm enough? How do i make it a warmer enviroment for the plant?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've not tried to grow yet I'm trying to find out everything i can about temps because its the only part that concerns me.
  2. Unless you are growing in the Antarctica, then you will probably be fighting the battle against heat! During the winter or if your space is too cold you can use a seedling mat which is a heated water resistant mat.

    My first grow began in winter and I needed to make sure my seedlings' and young plants' soil was warm enough, but I did not have enuff money for a heating mat, so I put a set of xmas lights in a box and placed my babies on top of the box.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I will clear it up a bit lol. I plan to do an indoor grow with CLF bulbs with only the one plant, the plant will more then likely be a lowryder#2.
    The room itself is generally warm anyway, never cold.
    Is there a good way to generate a necessary amount of heat.
    The reason why im concerned is that there is obviously a fan needed and im just worried that it will reduce the heat levels.
  4. Stick a 100W incandescent in there and you'll be overheating in no time :cool::D
  5. Ok cool, just another quick question lol, how many CFL bulbs will i need? Just 1 lowryder#2 plant.
  6. 26 watt CFLs create enough heat to raise the temperature 20 F' or so, if the ventilation isn't good.

    The only time when you are going to need to keep your plant warm is if you are germinating seeds or rooting clones. Both like it warm, so you can do these things under the lights to keep the temps up, just be careful not to let things dry out. Or you can use something like a heating blanket to keep their seat warm.

    If your floor is extra cold, I've heard that you should avoid placing your containers directly onto the floor, to avoid mold, and roots like it nice and warm, 80's F, I think.
  7. I'm using a box, like i said there will only be 1 so it will have plenty of room for growth, just let me clarify, how many of these lights will i need?
  8. 4 low wattage (24w or so) should be fine! The more, the merrier! Also, the lower wattage cfls have proven to be more efficient, so you'd be better off with 4 24 watt cfls than 1 100w cfl. You might want to read up on color temps and growing though.

    While you are vegging, you could use 3 6500k cfl and 1 2700k cfl.
    While you are flowering, you could use 3 2700k cfls and 1 6500k cfl.

    - good luck
  9. If your plant is in a space where the temp is comfortable to you then it is fine for the plant.
  10. Lowryder#2 is an autoplant though isnt it, so i dont need to veg?

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