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Maintain the high throughout the day? Or let it go away and smoke again?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NoiseWithoutSound, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Alright so what do you guys do? Do you guys maintain your high, by continuously smoking and stay high throughout the day, or do you smoke, let it wear off, get sober, then smoke again?

    The second never works for me, as the second high always just makes me feel tired and doesn't feel the same. So I'm curious what you guys do, and if you have any tips to stay high for longer periods of time without edibles.
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  2. Honestly for me it depends on how much weed I have if I can afford to I'll stay high all day but when supply starts getting low I'll settle for a wake and bake and then some bong rips before bed

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  3. My first high of the day is the best and I smoke as much as I can and get as high as I can. After that first session I end up chasing the high and never getting there. I'd like to smoke more, but I get a tremendous tolerance if I smoke every day, and edibles build tolerance quickly. Even back in the late 60's and 70's I found the same thing. That first high of the day is the best. However you enjoy your cannabis, if it works for you, is great.
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  4. as someone who smokes waaaay too much i can say wait until it wears off after the first bowl then smoke again. trust me it's worth it/
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  5. Yeah, honestly, the first high of the day is the best one, the rest are okay. might as well make it a once a day thing to reduce the chances of having diminishing returns.
  6. I just smoke whenever I feel like it, don't think too hard haha. If I smoked earlier and I'm coming down sometimes I just go with it. Sometimes I feel like smoking more

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  7. Just go go go. I think I've been high for the last 25+ yrs.
  8. I smoke periodically throughout the day if I have enough. If not I would rather wait all day and smoke once at night.

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