mainlining with mother hood in mind

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    hey guys one of my dark angle seeds just pooped soil and with my past mother( uneven nute deficiency in flower) I'm wanting to mainline to avoid un even deficiencies when I go to flower here out.

    now I haven't done any mainlining before, but am pretty much to the point in lsting and topping that I think I know exactly what I want to do atleast for growing to flower a plant out. but for a mother I'm not to sure on how to go about the situation. see this spring I'm wanting about 200-300 clones out of here. which personally is going to be a lot of growth. but how do I plan for it. I see most people do a 4-8-16 cola setups but I just don't know how many colas I'm going to need for 2-300 clones( about 60-120 taken every 2-3 weeks) for the mother I have now I took about 120 out of her over the course of a couple months and she has 5 colas but I'm going to need to do that bi monthly so maybe 16 colas?

    as of now I currently have a mother from this past spring in flower and she is looking rough due to the fact that I just topped and tied her down since I never though she would be a mother, my how plans change.

    so I'm looking for advice. height really isn't an issue as I see tying here down on her self anyways for flower. space I have is a 2x2 area for mother hood and then for flower its going to be a whole 4x4 area to herself.

    here is the mother I'm talking about ordered my cobs, 1040watts 1 mother
  2. She's just been sitting off to the side, but is up to 8 nodes, just running out of steam it looks.

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  3. Transplant that poor lady
  4. Tonight, clones didn't catch so she has space now

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