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  1. So from what I know from reading the Nebula manifold tutorial on growweedeasy, after the plant develops 6 nodes, you top down to the third node and clear everything except those growth tips and their accompanying fan leaves. But my question is, does it have to be the third node? Some of you may have seen my plant problems recently, and the 3rd node fan leaves were slightly affected by the pH problems I had (they're doing better by the way, will upload pics at some point), so if I top to the third node I fear they might get put behind more. Can you create a manifold starting at the 4th node, or is that a nono due to some plant biological stuff? And for those of you who have seen my plants, when do you think would be an appropriate time to top them? They've all just about developed 6 nodes, but are still small. Would topping them nowish do too much harm, or should I wait a bit? Fuck it, might as well give you guys pics now anyways so you can formulate a real opinion. Here they are, the nutrient/pH issue is gone and the new and old growth looks as normal as possible. I've also installed an oscillating fan that was hiding in plain sight this whole time in another room to get the stems thickening up.

  2. Doesn't have to be the third.

    And it's way too early to do anything to them.
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  3. Careful about too much wind on a small plant. They can get wind burn. Keep the fan on medium or low until you get a little more size.
  4. When topping or training a plant it never hurts to let it get a little larger before you dive in to drastic cutting. In fact it helps. Those plants look very small and I personally wouldn't be thinking about training them much until they get a little more size.
  5. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Maybe give them a week or so before I think about it, but it's nice to know it doesn't have to be the third node. Yeah, I have the fan on low pointing above the plants as to not overexpose them.
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  6. No. It doesn't "have" to be down to the third node. I pinch mine after they put on their third set of true leaves, so their a lot more hardy than you would believe. Actually, they're going to do their best to grow no matter what horrible conditions you might expose them to. They're weeds and growing is their job. TWW
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  7. When you pinch their third set of true leaves, how big are they usually?
  8. For best results with mainlining start early third is usually best. No need to wait for the 4th to form and then also remove the 1st and 2nd below. That is your foundation. Establish it early. For traditional topping with out a single node many myself included like to top above the 5th and allow the lower to develop. But that's not mainlining. More like stove pipe.
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