Mainlining for yield - clones or seeds?

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  1. Hey guys. I'm going to start a new round of plants in a month or so. I want to mainline 4 indica plants, and I want to break 300+grams. A little about my setup

    60x60x160cm tent
    250w hps dual spec for veg
    600w led full spectrum for bloom
    1 clip on fan for wind
    180h3 outtake
    Open intake in the bottom of the tent
    4x11L smart pots
    Strain: ripper seeds double glock

    Question is. I want to break the 300g+ yield, how would that be most likely? Should I mainline from seed or should I start all my seeds and then find a mother and clone from her? A friend told me I would have to take clones if I want the highest yield, but I'm not sure how that should be done? 1-2 seeds and get clones, or plant all 6 and take the biggest beauty? Or should i just use plants from seed instead?

    Thank you for looking. A little mood pic of my currently plant, 00 cheeseberry on bloom day 40[​IMG]

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  2. Goals are good and all but i think you are aiming really high for that tent and light.

    If it were me i would start looking for a mother and get clones and scrog it to get good results.
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  3. As RickSanchez said, your tent and lights won't cut it. For example.... I have to give each plant at least a 3ft x 3ft if I am mainlining and most times that still isn't enough space when (1) plant that has 64 kola's. Really a 3ft x 3ft, is only good for a mainlined 32 kola plant.
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    no, I would not mainline a clone. It can be done but it is kind of more work for less than the same results. If you are a yield freak you would be better off checking out DWC or similar techniques. Pruning and other more natural techniques are for home growers who already have way too much homegrown pot.
  5. Thank you for the responses guys! I've been following VerdantGr33n on icmag and he's managed to pull off that kind of yield with a lot less power than I have. Although, he has been mod scrogging his grow in 4x12L organic soil with no bottled fertilizer, that's why I think it's possible! I've also been thinking about scrogging instead, maybe that would be better ? If I'm not able to pull out 200-300g from my tent and lighting, I might as well quit growing all together haha. Just kidding, but I do smoke a lot, so I need a serious yield. I expect 80g from my 4 current plants, which hasn't been trained and I've made so many rookie mistakes I won't make again. I'm definitely quite optimistic about it, if I spent more time caring for these babies I would expect 30-40g pr plant. Had a lowryder auto which yielded 30g lol

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  6. You are big time short on space and lighting to grow off that much weight at harvest with the plants you have. The size and density of your buds...thus your harvest, is directly proportional to how much great flowering light they get during the cycle. A healthy plant and a ton of light will produce a really good harvest. But the light you have is only going to realistically grow off so many plants...and even your space limitations are going to confine the amount of plants you can flower properly. When you crowd out what light you have with too many plants, you just shoot yourself in the foot. You can harvest more off one plant that is given a good environment and all the flower light it can handle than you can by shoving 3 times more plants under the light than it can realistically cover. And I'm not real sure where that's coming from regarding more yield from seeds or clones. One is no different than the other as far as yield goes....they both simply create a plant that you can flower. Of course, resupplying your grow with clones is faster than constantly growing everything from seed, but you have to take the time to get a mother plant up and going. I stopped using "mothers" a year or so ago and simply take my new clones from the batch I've got growing to replace what is currently flowering. Mothers just take up too much room in the veg area. Good luck! TWW
  7. Is that led 600 actual watts ..

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  8. For it to be a true mainline every bud has to be the same distance from the root system and what i noticed from clones depending on where you take it from the plant it could make a staggered branch type which is impossible to make a true mainline


    See how each node is staggered and not paired... i wanted to pick seeds for my next test which is mainlining too
  9. I Also have been debating this myself. Idk if I can post links here, but I read NugBuckets grow specifically for main lining clones and how to treat the asymmetrical nodes.
  10. I'm trying to perfect the mainline profile with all my efforts. Two months 20/4 with one topping and aggressive LST to set the stage then switch to 12/12 for the remainder. More than once my technique has split the stalk by too much tension but it's usually not a fatal error. Typically this routine promotes two to eight competing mains that seem to offer more than the natural course of events would. Working from collective bagseed, I'm faced with a range of different profiles. I'm trying to maintain a perpetual with fresh starts every month to keep things flowing; currently have four sprouts not yet topped and three elders that have (one natural for a comparison note) in veg - two tier system using an enclosed shelving unit with @6500k CFL / then three in early and four in late flowering - 400 watt HPS paired with a 300 watt LED and three vertically mounted shop lights to augment. Normally run from eight inch pots to 2 gal then up to 5 gal but have a new project in mind using a 20 gal that won't begin until the end of this month or maybe next; this will be my first attempt with a screen as well so I'm keeping an eye everyone scrogging from now til then to learn all I can.


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